Rajasthan’s lesser-known destinations can be just as magical as its larger, famous regions, and promise you a taste of authentic Indian life. In cities such as Bikaner and Jaisalmer meet welcoming locals, explore forts and palaces, browse vibrant bazaars and enjoy stunning views.

Other Rajasthan holidays - perfect for...

  • Take a wander through the old atmospheric centre of Bikaner and the 16th Century Junagarh Fort
  • The fort in Jaisalmer is one of Rajasthan's most impressive structures and one of the largest forts in the world
  • The traditional village of Rohet is a peaceful spot on the edge on the edge of the Thar Desert, and home to the renowned Rohet Garh
  • Another of Rajasthan's incredible forts can be found in the Aravalli Hills south of the village of Deogarh

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