Discover Delhi multi-centres

As Delhi’s cultural beating heart, the chaos of the ‘Old’ city of Delhi has to be seen to be believed. Its warren of nooks and alleys are a sight in themselves, but Old Delhi also hosts many key sightseeing highlights. Although much of the old city wall has since disappeared and those parts that remain are crumbling, relics of a fortified past remain, including three of the impressive gates and the UNESCO-listed Red Fort. New Delhi boasts wide, tree-lined boulevards, magnificent landmarks and grand government institutions.

New Delhi airport is the gateway to India’s north with direct flights bound for these exotic Indian lands departing daily. Guests can also fly from the UK directly to Mumbai and, with just one connection, to a host of other Indian destinations. Direct internal flights operate daily between most of the nation’s major cities.

Delhi & City and Culture Combinations

The classic ‘Golden Triangle’ itinerary showcases the country’s highlights and is perfect for the first time visitor to India with limited time. Travel from the capital Delhi, a city which provides a glimpse of both old and new India, to the delightful palaces of the ‘Pink City’ of Jaipur via the majestic monument to love, Agra’s Taj Mahal.

Direct flghts operate from Delhi to the vibrant city of Mumbai, which offers an intriguing blend of old and new, and Kathmandu, Nepal's chaotic and captivating capital.


Agra will eternally be associated with the alluring Taj Mahal, an exceptional monument to love and one of the finest pieces of architecture in the world. This spellbinding white marble mausoleum is one of India’s most popular attractions.

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Jaipur was largely designed by the Maharaja of the Kuchwaha Rajputs, Jai Singh II and reputedly built in only eight years. Jaipur is also remarkable among Indian cities for its wide, regular boulevards, grid-plan streets, labyrinthine bazaars and opulent palaces.

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Superlatives quickly exhaust themselves with regards to Mumbai, a city with an astonishing 19 million inhabitants that is India’s most important port and also the centre of the country’s commercial and entertainment industries.

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Fringed by the green hills at the junction of two ancient trade routes lies Kathmandu, the vibrant capital of Nepal. The city is home to numerous beautiful temples, squares and royal palaces, so much so the whole of the Kathmandu Valley has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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Delhi & Wildlife Parks combinations

India's National Parks are epic in size, consistently beautiful and home to a terrific array of magnificent wildlife - including the iconic Bengal tiger. Discover vast and varied landscapes, from dry plains, plateaus and ravines to grasslands and lush forests dotted with waterholes.

Explore Ramthambore, the former hunting ground of Jaipur's maharajas, which is renowned for its endangered and mighty Bengal tigers; stunning Periyar which surrounds a lake and is famous for its large number of elephants; and follow in the footsteps of Rudyard Kipling and explore Kanha National Park which was the setting for his famous novel, 'The Jungle Book'..


Periyar National Park is nestled in the mountains of the Western Ghats between the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

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Formerly the preserve of Maharajas and their hunting entourages, Ranthambore National Park is now one of the largest reserves in India.

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Smaller Wildlife Parks

Venture into the heart of India and discover the magnificent wildlife and sweeping landscapes of some of the region's finest wildlife parks.

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Delhi & Beach combinations

The tiny state of Goa lies on India’s west coast is a hugely popular beach destination boasting a unique blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures and a wonderfully laid back ambience. The south of India is renowned for its stunning tropical beaches and dense forests and Kerala in the southwest offers tranquil backwaters and lakes, fragrant spice plantations and a rich colonial past.

The wonderfully diverse island of Sri Lanka lies off the southeast coast of India and is an ideal destination for multi-centre holidays. Relax on glorious golden-sand beaches, spot elephants and leopards in rugged National Parks and stroll through tranquil tea plantations before visitng ancient ruins and vast monuments.


With its idyllic beaches, sleepy fishing villages, emerald green paddy fields and colonial white-washed churches, charming Goa offers blissful relaxation after the hustle and bustle of India's chaotic cities. 

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The state of Kerala offers a somewhat slower pace and a chance to unwind – particularly on the beautiful beaches of Kovalam which translates to ‘a grove of coconut trees’. Escape to your hillside retreat or take a dip in the Indian Ocean in this Southern India paradise.

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Sri Lanka

Enjoy the inviting waters of the Indian Ocean that nudge the golden shores of this beautiful teardrop-shaped island. Explore verdant jungles sprinkled with tumbling waterfalls, rolling tea plantations, reefs teeming with marine life and national parks that are home to incredible wildlife.

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