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Why you should e-bike around Mount Fuji

This is Mount Fuji’s greatest feature – the seamless coexistence between people and nature…

By Masanori Shintani
Guide in Fujinomiya

This biking adventure is one of the most immersive experiences around Mount Fuji. Instead of using vehicles, we use solar charged e-bikes to explore the foot of the mountain and its surrounding villages for an eco-friendly, community-based experience. This is Mount Fuji’s greatest feature – the seamless coexistence between people and nature.

We start at Tanuki Lake on the western slopes, famed for its view of Mount Fuji’s reflection. Then ride into the rural farmlands surrounding Satoyama village characterised by traditional wooden houses and fertile landscape growing ingredients such as buckwheat and myoga (Japanese ginger). You’ll soon discover that Mount Fuji isn’t just about the scenery but also about the lives it supports. The land is cultivated by the locals of Fujnomiya city who respect nature and in turn are blessed with vital volcanic water containing precious minerals such as vanadium which is said to suppress spikes in blood sugar levels. All our guides are local and have a lot of experience supporting the community through eco-tourism. We can introduce you to the area’s culture in a personal way as well as tell you the stories behind this enigmatic volcano.

Water is key to any activity involving Mount Fuji. We stop at Jinba Falls used by the locals to keep their vegetables cool and fresh. Afterwards, there’s time for reflection over delicious rainbow trout before heading to the Shiraito Waterfalls considered one of the most beautiful in Japan. Shiraito literally means white threads which these cascades of water resemble as they flow off the edge of a 20-metre cliff. It’s easy to be spellbound by the fresh air and mist while you have plenty of time to soak up the atmosphere. We then end the morning with a cold craft beer made of course with signature Mount Fuji water.


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Alfred & Masanori Shintani

With over 28 years of guiding around Mount Fuji, Masa not only has experience guiding in his local areas but over 18 countries supporting communities around the world. In 2017, he developed a community-based ecotour organisation collaborating with local businesses and his village below Mount Fuji. He is passionate about developing awareness and love for the local culture and natural surroundings. He was named one of the 31 Travellers who are changing the world in 2019 for Traveller, Australia.
Masanori Shintani

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