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Oyado Koto no Yume: a traditional ryokan in Takayama

People are delighted to be able to spend a night or two in a classic family-run ryokan so close to all of Takayama’s sights….

By Ms Akira
Member of the hospitality team at Oyado Koto no Yume

Oyado Koto no Yume, Takayama

People come to Takayama to get a taste of what life used to be like here in the past, so they’re delighted to be able to spend a night or two in a classic family-run ryokan so close to all the sights – we’re only a 10-minute walk from the riverside morning market and the old merchant quarter. When you arrive at Oyado Koto no Yume, you’re offered a choice of yukata – a cotton kimono-style robe – and shown how to put it on; guests seem overjoyed when we help them to take a picture of how they look in their yukata and they often wear it for the rest of their stay.

We have just 18 rooms, so the atmosphere is calm and peaceful – and we do all we can to make it even more soothing for our visitors. We have a large shared onsen, and after you’ve bathed in it to get rid of all your aches, there is herbal tea at the lobby waiting for you. We also offer origami and calligraphy experiences. Or you can just relax in your room wearing your yukata and enjoying the smell of the aromatherapy oils.

I feel very happy seeing people from all over the world enter with a smile and leave with a smile; it warms my heart when guests return with a shout of “I’m back” as if coming home after a long day. I once received a letter from one guest which simply said “arigato” written beautifully in Japanese.


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Alfred & Ms Akira

Ms Akira is part of the hospitality team at Koto no Yume, a ryokan in the traditional town of Takayama. Living in a city steeped in culture, she enjoys helping guests to get to know a little more of the traditional arts and crafts, as well as the beautiful sites of Takayama.

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