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Meet Hwange’s white rhinos

Imagine coming face-to-face with several tons of nearly two-metre-tall rhino bulls – it certainly gets your heart racing…

By Mark Butcher
Managing Director of Imvelo Safari Lodges

We’re thrilled to have finally reintroduced white rhinos back into Hwange National Park after nearly 20 years. Back in the 80s, they were part of the scenery here, but sadly we lost them all to poachers. Thanks to our Community Rhino Conservation Initiative (CRCI) we’ve now been able to bring two male rhinos, Thuza and Kusasa, to the park. They’ve become quite the celebrities! It’s amazing that visitors can now spot the entire Big Five in Hwange.

As part of your stay at Bomani, you’ll get to join our rhino experience, which starts at the sanctuary headquarters. Here, you’ll meet our special rhino guards, the Cobras, who’ve been recruited from local villages and trained to protect the animals 24/7 and alleviate human-wildlife conflicts. They’ll give you a short talk about the project. Each Cobra has a story to tell; some were even former poachers who’ve now dedicated their lives to saving rhinos.

Next, you’ll take a short walk to find Thuza and Kusasa, who live on former cattle grazing land that belongs to villages in the Tsholotsho area. The beauty of the CRCI is that we’re working with the community to create sustainable conservation; funds raised by the visits go directly towards projects such as school improvements, boreholes and healthcare, meaning that villagers have an incentive to cherish wildlife.

Approaching rhinos in their natural environment is an absolute privilege. Imagine coming face-to-face with several tons of nearly two-metre-tall rhino bulls – it certainly gets your heart racing! You’ll come away humbled and inspired by this remarkable conservation story. This is just the beginning of the tale; we hope to open a string of sanctuaries and someday safely reintroduce white rhinos into the wider national park.


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Alfred & Mark Butcher

Mark Butcher is an eco-tourism professional with a passion for linking local communities directly to wildlife conservation. In the 80s, he was a ranger for the Zimbabwe Department of National Parks and Wildlife and later, the Provincial Wildlife Officer in the Matabeleland North Province adjacent to Hwange National Park. Mark is now the Managing Director of Imvelo Safari Lodges, a selection of properties that directly benefit disenfranchised communities around Hwange.

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