Between Bedouin desert sands and gilded white-washed mosques, discover an island of opulence under the sun on Abu Dhabi holidays

The scorching heat hits you first, followed by the sultry scent of oud, and then the sight of those epic palace-style hotels – they don’t make them small in this part of the world. Neither do they scrimp on architectural marvels.  Abu Dhabi’s leading Islamic mosque is hung with Swarovski chandeliers and covered with the largest Persian carpet ever made and a hotel’s colossal curved steel and glass LED canopy pretty much overlaps the renowned Formula One® racetrack.

We love Abu Dhabi holidays for the remarkable contrasts; fantastical dining and ostentatious shopping, Arabian desert, religious temples, and the most recent addition of world-class art – the new billion-pound Louvre Abu Dhabi, a futuristic filigree half sphere masterpiece museum, home to the world's most expensive painting, Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Salvator Mundi’. There’s the haze of shisha smoke drifting from one lavish bar to another, coconut and sandalwood coming from opulent spas, and shimmering waters in meandering pools overlooking the Arabian Gulf. Buckle up at Ferrari World for a ride on the world’s fastest rollercoaster, swim across Corniche Beach with a backdrop of spectacular Abu Dhabi skyline and take afternoon coffee at Emirates Palace where cappuccinos are laced with 24-carat gold flakes.

Middle Eastern tradition and culture also thrive – holidays to Abu Dhabi take you through hot springs and pools to some 500 tombs at UNESCO World Heritage Site Jebel Hafeet and to the Empty Quarter’s red hot desert sands filled with dune bashing, henna painting and sand boarding, ending with a sunset Bedouin dinner – tribute to the Arabia that came before the glossy resturants and lavish resorts.

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