Mount Kilimanjaro

At a glance

  • Africa’s highest and most famous mountain
  • Exhilarating climb
  • Choice of routes to the top

Mount Kilimanjaro holidays

Thrilling Mount Kilimanjaro climbing adventure

With its snowcapped peaks dominating the landscape, it is impossible to miss the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro - Africa's highest and most famous mountain. During your Tanzania holiday, challenge yourself and see this natural wonder up close on an exhilarating climb. Discover the delights of 'Kili', from the African wildlife on the forest-enclad lower slopes to views of icefields and complete wilderness up high.

When to visit

Jan 29°c
Feb 31°c
Mar 31°c
Apr 29°c
May 28°c
Jun 27°c
Jul 26°c
Aug 27°c
Sep 29°c
Oct 30°c
Nov 28°c
Dec 27°c
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