Set amid tropical seas between the teardrop islands of St Vincent and Grenada, the tiny emerald-clad volcanic islands of The Grenadines offer a tranquil and intimate alternative to the Caribbean’s larger islands. Renowned for their untouched beauty and natural landscapes, these picturesque islands have tropical rainforest and powdery white-sand beaches, making them perfect for nature trails and watersports.

The Grenadines holidays - perfect for...

  • The Grenadines are superbly undeveloped, supremely unspoilt and sufficiently inaccessible to stay that way
  • The rainforest, eco adventures, scuba diving and powdery white-sand beaches as just some of the unmissable attractions
  • The picture-perfect setting made it an ideal backdrop for scenes from the popular Pirates of the Caribbean films
  • The nightlife here is conspicuous by its absence, peace and solitude are unsurpassed

“A vast area of more than one million square miles, the Caribbean is home to thousands of stunning islands, magnificent history, culture, and brilliant characters. I think of it as one of the most vibrant and exciting regions on the planet.” - Simon Reeve

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