The exotic city of Varanasi is the cultural and religious centre of North India. Explore labyrinthine streets that bustle with merchants peddling their wares to the pilgrims passing through to the ghats (steps) down to the river. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Khajuraho is renowned for its spectacular group of exquisitely carved Hindu and Jain temples which date back a thousand years to the Chandela dynasty.

  • In Varanasi enjoy a magical boat ride along the Ganges in the spiritual city of Varanasi and watch worshippers submerge themselves at bathing ghats
  • Don't miss a trip to a fascinating night time Pooja Ceremony during which fire is offered to the Hindu God Shiva
  • As well as visiting the famous ghats to see pilgrims cleansing themselves in the Ganges River, you can loose yourself along the atmospheric alleys and streets of the city
  • In Khajuraho the focus is mainly on the temples and you can spend hours visiting numerous temples, perhaps spending a day exploring the eastern group and a day in the western groups

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