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Our experts have picked their favourite honeymoons by month

Honeymoons in January
Whether it’s following a winter wonderland wedding or a ‘saving it to look forward to’ holiday-of-a-lifetime a few months after your big day, there’s something extra special about jetting off to warmer climes with the New Year bells still ringing in your ears. From the far-flung exotic shores of the Maldives and Saint Lucia to something just a little bit different, like a cultural journey through India or a road trip around Australia, our honeymoon experts can help find the January honeymoon of your dreams – even if you don’t quite know what that is yet.

The Maldives
This collection of tropical islands is one of the world’s rare ‘year-round’ destinations. And if you’re looking for that picture-perfect honeymoon with blue skies and minimal rainfall, January is a great time to visit. With showers at a year-round low, average temperatures around 27°C (80°F) and 8 hours of sunshine, it’s the perfect choice for honeymooners looking to relax and indulge in the most breathtaking surroundings. The lagoons are the same balmy 27°C – perfect for newlyweds who struggle to sit still and want to explore the Maldives’ vibrant underwater world.

With its isolated location, world-class beaches and geological wonders, Hawaii can sometimes be considered too inaccessible or too expensive. But excellent flights and connections through the US mainland (how about adding a few days in LA or San Francisco?) make it easier to reach than you might think. January is a fantastic month to visit this island state as many of the crowds from Christmas and New Year have flown home, generally bringing hotel costs down. And there’s so much for honeymooners to do together, from hiking to stunning viewpoints at sunrise to traditional Lomi Lomi massages, and horse-riding along the beach to epic whale watching.

There’s no better time to fly halfway around the world than during the depths of the UK winter. Being such a huge country with three climate zones, Australia is a fantastic destination to visit at any time of the year; you simply need to decide whereabouts you want to explore. The world’s biggest New Year’s Eve party in Sydney is a good place to begin a honeymoon full of adventure, with the remarkable Great Barrier Reef, Great Ocean Road, world-class wineries and wildlife-rich islands all a scenic drive or short flight away.

Honeymoons In February
With many European destinations still a little too chilly to venture into, February is a popular month to visit the tropics for some well-deserved post-wedding rays of sun. Are you looking for a sun drenched honeymoon that’s personal to you? Many of our personal travel experts have first-hand experience of the Indian Ocean and Asian beach favourites, such as Malaysia and Thailand; they can  find a honeymoon that matches you perfectly.

This South-East Asian gem is a favourite honeymoon hot-spot for those travellers who crave intriguing culture as much as they desire stunning beaches. Lying in the centre of the tropics, Thailand’s rainfall can vary dramatically month to month as well as between different parts of the country. However, whether you’re at a beach party in Phuket or laying in a hammock in Koh Samui, February is a perfect time to choose as temperatures rarely fluctuate much from the 28°C (82°F) average and showers are at their lowest of the year.

Canary Islands, Spain
Although a Spanish archipelago, we often forget that these islands are actually much further south than their parent country - just off the coast of West Africa.  With this location, they benefit from an exceptionally temperate climate compared to many other European destinations, and with some excellent luxury hotels, they can be a fantastic honeymoon option. Temperatures will rise throughout the spring but there can be some amazing savings made by travelling in February.

The captivating land of Vietnam has many wonders attracting more honeymooners each year, from glorious beaches to bustling cities. But it’s the infectiously happy people of this nation that remains at its heart - and at no other time are they happier than during the celebrations of the Lunar New Year or Tet Nguyen Tieu. Vietnamese New Year is a two week period of festivities rich with colour, music and food.  Make sure you’re in Hoi An for the first full moon to witness the town lit up by beautiful lanterns floating along the Thu Bồn River.

Honeymoons in March
As monsoon season moves over the Indian Ocean, March is a perfect time to consider going further East or West. Experience Thailand with its glorious mix of sunny skies and cultural heritage or experience the laid-back ambience of the Caribbean islands enjoying a celebratory rum cocktail or two! Whichever direction you decide to go, we have Honeymoon Experts who’ve been there themselves and can offer some expert advice.

With its tropical position and warming trade winds, Antigua has one of the most temperate climates in the Caribbean. Although between December and February you may find the island a little drier, springtime has great beach weather compared to the showers of the summer and autumn months. March temperatures average around 26°C (79°F) and days usually have at least 9 hours of sunshine and relatively low humidity so it’s a perfect month to choose Antigua for a honeymoon.

Whether it’s the traditional beauty of Hoi An or the bustling energy of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam offers a diverse blend of cultures to Honeymooners looking for a little bit of adventure. Wherever you are in this beautiful country, you can discover its wonders without the concern of having to spend too much when you’re out exploring. Eating with the locals at street-food stalls is all part of the fun. A big bowl of Pho (a tasty spicy noodle soup) and a bottle of local beer is a welcoming treat after a morning haggling at the local markets for souvenirs.

It’s hard to find a country with such a diverse culture as India, so it’s an ideal pick for a honeymoon of celebration and festivities. After the full moon of each March, the people of India celebrate the festival of colour, Holi. The streets are awash with vivid colour as dyed powder and water are thrown around - it’s certainly not the day to wear your Sunday best! If this is a little too rambunctious for you, March is a perfect time to visit the serene backwaters of Kerala where Holi festivities are a little calmer.

Honeymoons in April
Picking a honeymoon in April can be a challenging task. With many classic destinations such as the Indian Ocean experiencing monsoons and with Europe tending not to be quite warm enough yet, where to choose for your holiday of a lifetime needs some proper thought. Our Honeymoon Experts are on hand to provide all of the information you may need to select the right destination and what to expect when you’re there.

Take to the open road and journey wherever you choose, just the two of you heading off on your own adventure. With some of Europe’s most beautiful drives, Italy is an alternative option for your special time away and visiting in April lets you see those roads a lot less crowded than the summer months. Whether it’s the classic lakes of the north or the rugged cliffs of The Amalfi Coast, there are plenty of areas to explore with great weather but without having to pay the summer premium.

St Lucia
Like many of its fellow Caribbean islands, St Lucia experiences two seasons rather than four - wet season and dry season.  From June through to November, the tropical rains hit St Lucia, giving it the lush green landscape it’s known for. Although January and February tend to be the driest months of the year, April can be a fantastic time to honeymoon here. The temperatures rise to an average of 27°C (81°F), perfect for sunbathing but the cooling trade-wind breezes allow you to explore the island’s beautiful Pitons and rainforests comfortably.

April is a great month to visit the beaches of South West Thailand. With less rain than the Eastern resorts, islands like Koh Samui and Khao Lak are ideal honeymoon destinations around this time. If you’re looking for a taste of adventure, Chiang Mai in the north is cooler than the islands and offers a fascinating culture.  If you’re in the capital of Bangkok mid-April, you may need to cool off… but fear not, it’s the month of Songkran, Thailand’s New Year celebration where it’s tradition to soak each other in water!

Honeymoons in May
Spring is a beautiful time of year to celebrate your wedding and May’s an ideal month to experience a tropical honeymoon. Although it can be tricky to find an area with dreamy weather at this time of year, there are still some amazing destinations from Asia to America to astound you and your loved one. Our Honeymoon Experts can get to the heart of what your amazing is and offer the perfect honeymoon to match.

The beautifully diverse country of Mauritius has much to offer sun-seeking honeymooners throughout the year with its sublime mix of tropical warmth and cooling breezes. May is a great time to visit this island paradise as cyclone rains drop off and the humid heat of its summer decreases. What’s more, prices tend to be lowest at this time as you avoid the popular peak period of July to October. Look out for resorts on the north or western coasts for a warmer, drier trip.

The Caribbean in May is a great honeymoon choice if you’re both looking for a sunny, exotic beach stay. The tropical storms tend to stay away until the summer months and the sun shines for around 9 hours each day. Barbados is a superb choice from the many Caribbean islands on offer, still in its dry season but with temperatures averaging around 29°C (84°F). Water temperatures rise in spring too, making a dip in its stunning blue waters even more tempting!

If you’re looking for a honeymoon where you can explore and discover, then Japan should certainly be on your list.  Known for its beautiful collision of ancient Eastern culture and uniquely futuristic design, there is so much to keep both of you enthralled. April can be a very busy time in Japan so leaving it just a month later will cut out the crowds but still allow you to witness the stunning blossoms and experience the pleasant spring weather.  May is also a time of various local festivals, such as the ancient parade of Kyoto, known as Aoi Matsuri.

Honeymoons in June
As Summer approaches, the Indian Ocean monsoons shift and European resorts begin to come to life making many more potential honeymoon destinations available to you. June is a fantastic month to travel to Italy, Portugal and Spain as you have warmer climates without the crowds of later months. Alternatively, the weather around islands such as Mauritius improves leaving a drier, cooler environment to experience this wonderful island on your dream honeymoon.

Sri Lanka
Whilst a firm favourite of travellers looking for an exotic beach stay, Sri Lanka also offers some unique and authentic experiences, ideal for adventure-seeking honeymooners. From the tea fields of Nuwarya Eliya to the Buddhist temples of Kandy, there’s so much to see here. You’ll potentially get drier conditions in the peak time of December to March but this is also the time of the bigger crowds - the last thing you need when you’re gazing upon the beauty of Sigirya Rock or watching magnificent leopards in Yala National Park creating life-long memories.

Whether it’s Shakespearian love stories in Verona, clifftop views of the Amalfi Coast or gondola rides in Venice, Italy offers more than its fair share of romance to honeymooners. July and August are peak months, so travelling just a little earlier offers equally fantastic weather (average of 23°C (73°F) with at least 12 hrs of sunshine) but with far fewer crowds. The white sandy beaches of Sardinia offer an unhurried alternative to busier Mediterranean spots, whereas the lakes of the north offer a more laid back alternative to a busy city stay.

This tropical Indonesian island is one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world; and with its beautiful beaches, tranquil retreats and lush jungle interior, it’s not hard to see why. Temperatures are pretty level each month so Bali is certainly a ‘year-round’ destination. If we had to pick our favourite month to visit, we’d go in June; right in the middle of dry season but away from the busier peak months of July and August. Hotels often offer their best deals in these quieter months and flights tend to be better value before the summer holidays.

Honeymoons in July
As Summer dawns upon Europe, honeymoons around Italy, Portugal and the Greek islands are at their most popular. You can see why, the Summer sun is shimmering and the Mediterranean Sea is becoming invitingly warm. But perhaps you want to travel a little further and avoid the crowds Europe in July attracts. There are some incredible Asian and African options that have some fantastic weather along with some stunning adult-only resorts, perfect for a romantic escape.

With its beautiful beaches dramatically lined with granite boulders, the Seychelles has been a popular honeymoon destination for many years. Unlike many other Indian Ocean and Caribbean beach destinations, the Seychelles tends to have its driest weather during the summer months. Temperatures are evenly warm throughout the year but level out around 26°C (79°F) in July as the South-East trade winds create a refreshing sea breeze offering an unequalled beach experience.

Although an All Inclusive resort where everything is taken care of is a fantastic way to unwind on your honeymoon, sometimes it’s great to just get out and immerse yourself in local life. And there’s no better place to do this than Thailand. Fresh seafood, decadently spiced curries and world-famous Pad Thai noodles are all on offer in most areas and offer incredible value.

South Africa
Spotting incredible wildlife in its natural habitat is gaining popularity as an alternative honeymoon option and South Africa has more than its fair share of wonderful animals. Game reserves such as Kruger and Shamwari offer stunning wide open parks for game drives with the chance to catch a glimpse of the ‘Big Five’. During July, the weather is cooler and rainfall is at its lowest  on the Eastern Cape providing a better opportunity to spot your favourite animals. If you decide to visit the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town, July is also prime season for whale watching.

Honeymoons in August
August is the most popular month for Brits to get married as well as the busiest time of year for travel. This makes choosing the right destination to ensure your honeymoon is a truly personal experience a challenge. Whether you’re looking to soak up the European sun or seeking an exotic adventure in Asia, our Honeymoon Experts will take the time to find the ideal trip for you as well advise on where the most romantic hideaways of the world are.

The Indonesian island of Bali benefits from having a climate where temperatures vary very little throughout the year making it a great year-round honeymoon destination. August has the lowest rainfall of the entire year and with temperatures rarely differing from the 27°C (81°F) average, it’s an ideal destination if you’re looking for beautiful beaches with weather to match.

Although many will tell you to only go to the Caribbean in the winter and springtime months for guaranteed weather, it’s not necessarily so.  Being a tropical island, Antigua has a wet and dry season but it’s rare the sun isn’t shining throughout the year on this beautiful island.  September to November tend to hold most of the windy days here, so by travelling in August, you can catch some fantastic weather without having to pay high season prices.

If you’re adventure-seeking honeymooners, trying to find a fantastic safari whist avoiding the crowds must be top of your list.  Namibia is still relatively unknown to many tourists, so it’s is a fine choice if you’re looking for something a little quieter. A mix of national parks, sand dunes and authentic African towns, Namibia is a unique place. August is an excellent time to visit; not only for its cool and dry weather but also for the abundant wildlife you can spot.

Honeymoons in September
With the warmth of the summer lingering but touches of autumn breeze, September can be a sublime month to get married. Just like the weather in the UK, this is a time of change for many parts of the world. Tropical storms can affect the west, so heading to Africa or Asia may be a safer option to avoid the wind.

During September, the stunning natural wonder known as the Great Wildebeest Migration moves north from the Tanzanian area of the Serengeti to the lusher pastures of The Masai Mara in Kenya - the crossing of Mara River is a sight to behold and a perfect addition to the trip of a lifetime. Renowned for perhaps being the greatest time and place to go on safari, Kenya in September is very likely to offer a host of quite wonderful wildlife, as well as adding personal romantic touches such as candlelit dinners under the stars.

Although so much more than just its white sandy beaches, you’d be forgiven for spending your entire honeymoon on your sun loungers in Mauritius. The tropical rains that affect this Indian Ocean island are at their lowest during September ensuring you can get the most of the 9 hours of sunshine in an average day. Temperatures are a balmy 21°C (72°F) on average but exceed this on many days on the less breezy Western coast.

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka, said to resemble a tear dropping from the southern tip of India, shares much cultural heritage with its larger, busier neighbour. However, with a much lower population, there’s plenty more space to explore this fascinating ancient country. Perhaps the most popular (and cost effective) way to view the Sri Lankan landscape is to hire a car and driver. Offering local insight and an authentic take on the cultural highlights, it’s a unique honeymoon experience for you both.

Honeymoons in October
As October approaches, the colours of the UK take an autumnal tone. So do you carry on the theme by honeymooning amongst the fall foliage of New England? Or do you try to continue your summer by finding a sun-drenched exotic hideaway in the Indian Ocean? Whether you need a USA expert or a beach specialist, we have knowledgeable Experts to help make your honeymoon the one you’ve always dreamt of.

In recent years, many honeymooners are looking for something much more than a beach stay and want to get out and explore. The wide open roads of America are becoming an adventurous option for those looking for a honeymoon of discovery. From the deserted roads of the Canyonlands and the coastal wonders of the Florida Keys to the rich musical heritage of the Deep South and Americana ideal of route 66. Without the stifling heat of summer and the dreary rains of winter, October is about as perfect a month as you can get for your romantic road trip of a lifetime.

With some of the world’s most beautiful tranquil beaches, and in contrast, a vibrant culturally-rich capital, the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar is an ideal yet surprising honeymoon destination. The weather is fantastic in October with average temperatures of 25°C (77°F) and low rainfall so you can be free to explore the spice markets of Stone Town or perhaps just sip a cocktail from the luxury of your sun loungers.

Whether it’s the colourful vibrancy of capital Havana, the romantic beaches of Varadero or the old colonial feel of Trinidad, it’s easy to see why Cuba is so high on many honeymooners’ wish lists. Whilst you’ll probably get the driest conditions in winter and the warmest temperatures in summer, the ‘out of season’ month of October is possibly the quietest time to visit this unique island, and offers some of the best deals. Without the crowds, you’ll find it easier to immerse yourselves into the salsa feel of the capital or the hideaway tranquillity of the quieter beaches.

Honeymoons in November
As the winter draws close and the cold creeps in, many of us dream of laying on a beautiful beach basking in the sun. When you’re considering your honeymoon, these dreams are possibly more real than ever before. Finding the sunshine and avoiding the rain is likely to be a priority when researching your special trip  and our Honeymoon Experts  can advise where to find a winter adventure personal to you both.

Known for its luxury hotels, stunning beaches, excellent service and year-round warm weather; if you’re a sun-seeker, Dubai should definitely make your honeymoon shortlist.  Rain is a rarity but the excessive heat of the summer can be a little much for many of us. By travelling to this opulent Emirate in November, the temperature has cooled to a perfect 25°C (77°F) average and the showers are still incredibly rare. Also with fantastic travel links, Dubai can easily be twinned with various African and Asian holiday spots to add a little diversity to your special trip.

The eastern coast of Central America’s cultural highlight has some of the best beaches on the continent. From the buzzing city nightlife of Cancun, past the spa retreats of the Mayan Riviera, right down to the archaeological wonders of Tulum, the Caribbean coastline of Mexico has much to offer you both. As the summer temperatures cool but before the winter crowds begin to appear, November is a great time to visit Mexico and is a time of many fantastic offers.

Colourful classic cars lining the streets, cigars being freshly rolled, salsa music in the background – Cuba’s evocative capital Havana is as unique as cities get. This rich cultural heritage is also on show throughout the rest of the island, from the cobbled streets of Trinidad to the undeveloped beaches of The Cayos. Cuba’s particular take on Caribbean culture is a most wonderful attack on the senses that will add romance, mystery and vibrancy to your honeymoon.

Honeymoons in December
Some say it’s the most romantic time of the year and for those seeking a winter wonderland honeymoon, you have a wealth of choices in December. Asia, the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean have many options with some of the very best weather of the year making this the ideal time to find a hideaway beach. If you’re more of a thrill seeking couple, you could always scrap tradition and head out on a honeymoon ski trip. Let our Honeymoon Experts find what’s right for you to inspire you this Winter.

A country of diverse cultures and influences, there’s certain to be a part of Malaysia where you’ll find your perfect honeymoon. See the orangutans of Borneo, taste the wondrous flavours of Penang or experience the tranquillity of Pangkor Laut.  December (before the Christmas peak) is a great time to visit to get the most for your money. It’s also really easy to spend less when you’re there - with its food heavily influenced by China and India, there are plenty of inexpensive yet delicious options in the markets and street stalls.

Cuba is set to become one of the biggest honeymoon destinations of the Caribbean, thanks to Its vibrant culture, laid back attitude and incredible beaches. As the tropical rains of the stormy season diminish and the stifling summer climate cools, December is one of the best times to visit this iconic island.  An average temperature of 23°C (74°F) is great whether you’re exploring the vibrant capital of Havana or enjoying a rum cocktail on the golden beaches of Guardalavaca.

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