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Best time to visit Barbados

Barbados is a great destination for year-round sunshine and warm weather. The sunniest and driest part of the year is from December to April, which is Barbados’s high season – during this time, temperatures reach a maximum of 29-30°C on average. The arrival of the wet season from July to November brings heavy rainfall, with the least amount of sunshine and greatest humidity in September and October. These months also have a higher risk of hurricanes – these are unlikely due to Barbados’s easterly position in the Caribbean, but still worth keeping track of. Rather than non-stop rain, the wet season in Barbados tends to involve short downpours or storms, which are usually followed by hot and sunny weather again which dries everything quickly. 

Here’s our month-by-month guide to Barbados’s weather and climate. 


Barbados in January

January is a good time of year to visit Barbados. You’ll have up to 9 hours of sunshine per day and a maximum daily average of 29°C – pleasant temperatures without being too hot. It gets slightly cooler in the evenings but temperatures still hover around 22-23°C. 

Barbados in February

You’ll have some of the best Barbados weather in February – it’s the height of the dry season, with consistent temperatures up to around 29°C and the least amount of rainfall of any month. Now is a good time to visit beautiful Hunte’s Gardens in the middle of the island – you’ll be able to stroll around towering palms and exotic plants in an unusual sink-hole-like gully. 

Barbados in March

March is the last month of ideal Barbados climate, before the humidity starts to increase. Temperatures begin to creep up to a maximum daily average of 29-30°C, and you can expect a yearly high of up to 9 hours of sunshine. 

Barbados in April

For travellers considering when to visit Barbados, April is a popular month – it marks the start of the shoulder season when the busy peak period ends but before the low season kicks in. There’s a tad more rainfall than during January to March but still considerably less than the rest of the year ahead, and plenty of sun. 

Barbados in May

Barbados weather in May is still great, albeit slightly wetter than the earlier spring months; you can expect average maximum temperatures of 30-31°C. It’s the end of the shoulder season before the wet season begins in June, so prices should be lower than Easter, the summer holidays and Christmas. The best time to visit Barbados if you’re hoping to spot sea turtles is from May to October. 

Barbados in June

The first month of the wet season, June sees gradually increasing rainfall and has the strongest winds of any month (you can still expect plenty of sunshine though). Barbados’s famous Crop Over Festival also starts in June, and runs until early August. 

Barbados in July

July in Barbados is similar to June but with a more noticeable rise in rainfall – the monthly average is around 169mm. The temperature in Barbados in July hovers around a maximum daily average of 30-31°C again, but the extra rainfall brings an increase in humidity, too. 

Barbados in August

August is the height of summer in Barbados – the higher humidity and rainfall continue but there’s also a joint-highest average of 9 hours of sunshine per day. It’s especially important to wear plenty of sun cream and keep hydrated during this time, and the weather may get too humid for more strenuous activities like hiking. If you visit at the beginning of the month you can get involved in Grand Kadooment Day, the grand finale to Crop Over Festival where thousands of locals and visitors parade through the streets in colourful costumes. 

Barbados in September

If you’re considering when to go to Barbados, it’s now the middle of the hurricane season and September experiences some of the highest rainfall of the year. You’re likely to have some showers during your stay, and September to October is the least sunny time of year; however, there’s still an average of 7 hours of sunshine per day and consistent temperatures of around 30°C, meaning you’ll have plenty of opportunities to sunbathe. 

Barbados in October

October sees the highest amount of rainfall out of any month in Barbados and humidity similar to September. Visiting museums and attractions can be a good way to escape the more frequent showers – we love the rum distillery tour at St Nicholas Abbey and the spectacular rock formations in Harrison’s Cave. October may not be the best time to go to Barbados but days will still be sunny overall. 

Barbados in November

November in Barbados is when the wet season begins to taper off – there is still a fair amount of rainfall but less than at the start of autumn, and heading towards winter the average amount of sunshine creeps back up to 8 hours per day. 

Barbados in December

You’re now entering the start of the high season in Barbados. December is drier and less humid than the autumn months, with a similar amount of rainfall to May at an average of around 112mm. Expect consistent sunshine and temperatures of around 29°C, but more people and higher prices around Christmas in particular.