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Big cats and wild dogs at Camp Moremi

You’ve got these really thickly forested areas with massive ancient trees which the baboons and leopards love…

By Sue Ricketts
Owner of Target Africa

Set in the Moremi Game Reserve, Camp Moremi sits by a forest in the Okavango Delta so the scenery is spectacular. You’ve got these really thickly forested areas with massive ancient trees which the baboons and leopards love, and then you’ve got vast open spaces and waterways where you can see plenty of hippo and crocodiles.

Moremi is a really beautiful lodge – all natural and light – designed in a similar style to Camp Okavango, which is also in the delta. Both of the lodges were built by Jessie Niel, an American who used to spend six months a year here and eventually decided to settle. Like Camp Okavango, the lodge was rebuilt a few years ago after the concession expired (private concessions in Botswana are owned by chiefs, who only grant safari companies a 20 or 30 year lease).

There are 12 tented suites all linked by a raised wooden walkway, and there’s also a communal area with a big lounge, library and sunken bar – the barman hands drinks up to you from below so as not to obstruct the view, which is quite a novelty! There’s also a swimming pool and circular fire pit deck where people tend to gather for a drink in the evening before and after dinner. Guides often tell stories round the campfire over a nightcap, which everyone seems to really enjoy.

For dinner, there’s a three-course menu with a few different choices, and guests all dine together on a big table outside under the stars. Continental breakfast, hot brunch and afternoon tea are also included each day.

When the camp was rebuilt, the idea was to ensure the smallest possible environmental footprint, so there are lots of eco-friendly touches, including a reverse osmosis water-treatment plant so water from the delta is made drinkable. Guests are given their own glass water bottle and there are refill stations dotted around the camp.

In terms of activities, in the Moremi area the water is too deep for mokoro (canoe) trips, so it’s mainly focused on game viewing. It’s spectacular though – it’s big cat country, so you might see leopards and lions as well as wild dogs, elephants, buffalo, wildebeest, giraffes, zebras, hippos… In fact, pretty much everything apart from rhinos! There are also motorboat trips taking guests out to explore the channels, with African fish eagles, crested cranes and various other birds often spotted.

And it’s all done in a friendly, welcoming way; the staff are all from Botswana, which really helps to make the stay, giving you a real insight into local culture – it’s a fascinating country.


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Alfred & Sue Ricketts

Sue has worked as the UK Sales Representative for Desert & Delta Safaris for 18 years under her company Target Africa, which she launched in 2003 after working as a Product Manager for Jetsave and Southern Africa Travel. She has visited all of the operator’s nine properties and is drawn back to Botswana every year by the people.

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