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For other destinations and types of holiday, visit Kuoni
For other destinations and types of holiday, visit Kuoni 

Alfred & our people

Alfred Kuoni, founder of Kuoni and inspiration for Alfred& by Kuoni


When Alfred Kuoni founded his company in 1906, he knew that great travel experiences weren’t just about the sights. Instead, it’s the people you meet and the stories you take with you that allow you to return home richer, happier and wiser. It’s a belief we share with Mr Kuoni. It is why Kuoni’s new tailor-made experiences company has been named in his image. But we’re not just about Alfred. There’s an & too. And that’s about all the people you’ll meet along the way – the people who will make your holiday.

Alfred & Gemma

Your journey will start with our UK team – someone like Gemma – all of whom have lived and travel extensively in Asia. They’ll take your ideas and help to shape it into the trip of a lifetime.

Takeaki Shibuya from our partners in Japan, Destination Asia

Alfred & Takeaki

But they won’t do it alone. They’ll draw on the expertise of our network of contacts on the ground. People like Takeaki, the experience coordinator from Destination Asia, our partners in Japan, who lives and works there 24/7.

Kyuma, New York trained Tokyo based mixologist and sommelier

Alfred & Kyuma

And Takeaki will make sure we pair you up with the very best guides for the experiences you’re seeking. Like Kyuma, a New York trained mixologist and sommelier who can take you on a tour of Tokyo’s nightlife like no other.

Koji, Tokyo Bartender

Alfred & Koji

And in turn, Kyuma can introduce you to Koji, the Tokyo bartender who can help you appreciate why a mojito needs to be made with yuzu marmalade. Out-of- the-ordinary people, extraordinary experiences, unforgettable memories. That’s our philosophy.

Travelling Responsibly

We believe passionately that travel is a force for good but we realise that there are costs and compromises involved.

Environmentally sustainable

When you travel with Alfred&, we’ll ensure your journey is environmentally, economically and socially responsible. Giving you the opportunity to carbon offset your flights by donating to one of a number of projects around the world is the least of  our commitment.

Social responsibility

We’ll also make sure your trip is as rewarding and enriching for you as it is for the communities who host you as well as for the natural environments you experience. For example, we invest in the communities we visit by using locally owned and run accommodation and eating locally produced food.

People who care

We encourage all the Alfred& people you’ll meet along the way – our staff and their contacts – to take active responsibility for the places they visit and put our environmental and sustainable policies into action. This attitude is the basis of our training programme for all our people.

From the multi-award winning Kuoni

We may have a different name but we share a service philosophy with Kuoni. The same service philosophy that has won over 200 awards since Kuoni was launched in the UK over 50 years ago. The same approach that has led Kuoni customers to rate them with a remarkable 9.5 out of 10. Alfred& maybe new, but our commitment to immaculate service is well proven.

Aspire Awards, Kuoni is Premium Tour Operator of the Year 2021

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