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Forest-dwelling wildlife, unspoilt landscapes from volcanoes to rolling highlands and two glorious coastlines; Costa Rica is honeymoon heaven for nature lovers.

When you Google the word ‘honeymoon’ there’s image after image of couples walking hand-in-hand along a picture-perfect beach. But honeymoons can have a wild side too. Enter Costa Rica, which is quickly becoming one of our leading destinations for adventure with a side serving of oceanside relaxation.

Romance can be found in hideaways that sit in a mist-shrouded forest, at the base of a volcano or on a secluded peninsula overlooking the Pacific Ocean. But it’s when you get out and explore together that long-lasting memories are created; when you’re unwinding in hot spring pools, gaining a new view of the world from the high up in the forest canopy or trekking through national parks and catching glimpses of vivid birds and sleepy sloths. Costa Rica is everything you daydreamed of as you watched Planet Earth; there’s nothing like seeing it in person.

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