The gender pay gap at DER Touristik UK - 2023

We have been making progress to close the gap and while there has been a reduction in both the mean and median Gender Pay Gap (GPG) there is still work to be done.

At the time of reporting 75% of our workforce were female with a 25% male population.

Both our mean and median GPG have reduced since 2022. The mean gender pay gap difference is predominantly driven by the variance in hourly paid rates of male vs female employees which is attributed to the fact we have a larger number of females employed within the lower pay quartiles.

The salaries and gender of our sales community strongly influence the GPG with over 50% of our overall workforce in sales roles and 80% of this population being female. We have worked hard since 2022 to ensure that our sales salaries are competitive to ensure we continue to retain and attract the best talent.

Like many employers, the Senior Leaderships team’s salaries can have a significant impact on our gender pay gap and, whilst our Senior Leadership team is made up of 50% female employees, the most senior positions are filled by males which Is reflected in these results.

We have a very even split in terms of the % of male and female employees earning bonus. However, due to having more men than women in senior roles, which have a higher bonus opportunity, this has led to a % gap in both the mean and median bonus GPG.

We are striving to ensure that men and women get equal pay for equal work and are focused on addressing the gaps identified.


  1. Continued commitment to creating a diverse & inclusive environment and workforce for the future – Introduction of Employee Network Groups across the business and a clear focus on a DEI strategy for the business
  2. Recruitment - Attraction, retention & development of the best talent to ensure we create more gender diversity in our roles
  3. Career Development – Investing in L&D focus for 2024

2022 Mean and Median Gender Pay Gap

In this report, we have an overall mean gender pay gap of 30.9% and a median gap of 6.8%.

2022 Bonus Gender Pay Gap

In this report, we have an overall mean gender bonus gap of 18% and a median gap of 8%.

In this report, the % of women receiving a bonus was 82.2% and and the percentage of men was 81.8%.


1st Quartile2nd Quartile 3rd Quartile4th Quartile

*These figures are based on April 2023