The gender pay gap at DER Touristik UK - 2022

This is the first GPG showing an accurate reflection of our workforce since April 2019

Previous figures reported have been heavily impacted by COVID19 and have not shown a true representation of our business due to a high percentage of our workforce being furloughed under the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme skewing the results (2020 reported on 32% of workforce, 2021 reported on 5% of our workforce).

The 2022 report is based on 96% of our total workforce (280 employees made up of 107 female employees and 73 males’ employees).

During the snapshot of this report, the Kuoni Board of Directors comprised equally of male and female employees. However the most senior positions were filled by male employees which is reflected in this report. The full Kuoni Senior Leadership team consisted of 67% female employees

The salaries and gender make up of our sales community continues to strongly influence the GPG as 82% of our sales employees were female

2022 Mean and Median Gender Pay Gap

In this report, we have an overall median gender pay gap of 12.6% and a mean gap of 31.8%, which is higher than last year’s report.

2022 Bonus Gender Pay Gap

In this report, we have an overall median gender bonus gap of 21.5% and a mean gap of 28.3%, which is lower than last year’s report.

In this report, the % of men receiving a bonus was 75.3% and and the percentage of women was 83.9%, which in total is lower than last year’s report.


1st Quartile2nd Quartile 3rd Quartile4th Quartile

We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment where all employees are treated fairly with dignity and respect.

We operate a flexible working culture which will allow us to enable and empower all employees regardless of differences. As a business we are focused and fully committed to a longer-term plan which addresses the gaps identified within this report.

*These figures are based on April 2022