Around the world travel quiz

Around the world travel quiz

At a time when virtual pub quizzes and family game nights have become the highlight of our weeks, we thought it only right to add a travel round to the mix. You can brush up on your world trivia and tackle it yourself or save it for your next turn as quizmaster. To get in the zone, download one of our travel-themed Zoom backgrounds, featuring some of the world’s most spectacular destinations – from the Maldives to Kenya.

1. What was the original purpose of the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

2. The oneworld alliance is currently made up of 30 airlines, but can you name the five founding members when it formed in 1999?

3. What was the Russian city of St. Petersburg called between 1924 and 1991?

4. How tall, to the nearest 100 feet, is the Eiffel Tower?

5. How many oceans are there in the world?

6. The now abandoned Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is within which modern-day country?

7. Mauritius has been under Dutch, French and British rule but in which year did it become its own republic, 1992, 1968 or 1932?

8. What, in population terms, is the largest Spanish speaking country in the world?

9. In what year did the first holiday resorts open up in the Maldives?

10. The 2019 Rugby World Cup was in Japan. Which country did Japan beat in the first game of the tournament?

11. When did the Eurostar train service between Britain and France first start running?

12. What is the official name of the country commonly known as Greece?

13. If you went to a Lucha Libre event in Mexico, what would you be watching?

14. If you were cruising on Halong Bay, in which country would you be?

15. Victoria Falls is located on the border of which two countries?

Question marks on a beach

1. A bell tower

2. American Airlines, British Airways, Canadian Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Qantas

3. Leningrad

4. 984 feet

5. Five – Indian, Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Southern (or Antarctic)

6. Ukraine

7. 1992

8. Mexico (approximately 126 million people)

9. 1962

10. Russia

11. 1994

12. The Hellenic Republic (Ellinikí Dimokratía)

13. Professional wrestling or sports entertainment

14. Vietnam

15. Zambia and Zimbabwe