Kuoni commits to ensuring all travellers, feel comfortable, valued, supported and included when they go on holiday.  

To highlight our pride and commitment to inclusivity and diversity we’ve launched the Kuoni Promise.

The Kuoni Promise

As Britain’s foremost provider of luxury holidays, Kuoni understand the responsibility places on us – to our customers, our staff, the hotels and travel companies we deal with, and the many people overseas who make up our Kuoni family.

We aim:

… to treat everyone who comes to us as an individual.

… to listen.

… to respect choices.

… to share our experiences and advice.

… to empower our staff to help give our customers informed choices.

… to remember that nowhere is off limits.

… to ensure that travel is for all.

… to help everyone enjoy the world.

… to guide customers.

… to make customers included.

… to help everyone embark on their dream holiday with confidence and joy.

…to empower customers to make the best choices through our knowledge and guidance.

… to do our best to put things right when things don’t go to plan.

… to listen to feedback and act on it when we can.