Mumbai Organised Trips

Mumbai by Dawn

Wake early to gain a fascinating new perspective on the daily life in Mumbai. Head to the local fruit and vegetable market where people haggle with wholesalers before heading down to the waterfront where you will visit the Sassoon docks. This is one of the oldest docks in the city and it is here where the night's catch is sold. Experience the hustle, the mass of people and the fast-paced auctions that occur throughout the dock – an amazing example of everyday life in the city.


4 hours

Mumbai Dreams Bollywood Tour

India is the world’s largest film producer, releasing an average of 1000 films per year. Go behind the scenes of the Bollywood film industry on this full day tour. Visit a film location, learn about the history and evolution of Indian film and television and enjoy the chance to watch the magic unfold before your eyes on a live film or television shoot. As you travel between locations you will discover more about the industry from your guide, including all the latest trends and gossip!


Full Day