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For other destinations and types of holiday, visit Kuoni
For other destinations and types of holiday, visit Kuoni 

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Experience the magical madness of Bollywood

Enjoy everything from dance workshops to visiting a working film set and trying your hand at dubbing on this Bollywood tour…

By Eesha Singh
Co-owner of No Footprints Tours, Alfred&'s partner in India

Experience the madness that is Bollywood, from joining a dance workshop to visiting a working film set and trying your hand at dubbing in the sound studio. Bollywood is such an integral part of Indian culture and the stars are revered as role models; as a tour company that specialises in exploring community and culture, we really wanted to showcase this art form.

The full-day tour kicks off with a Bollywood dance workshop led by a professional choreographer, who’ll teach you ten minutes of an iconic dance routine. We’ve had guests of all different abilities and ages – even a 90-year-old – and everyone has enjoyed it. We’ll record your performance to take away on a USB; people love having that memento to show friends and family. Next, we visit a production studio where you’ll watch a film or TV shoot in action. It’s very immersive and you’ll get a chance to chat with actors and crew in between takes. We’ve partnered with experts in the industry, including Bollywood writers and entertainment personalities, who’ll come to share their experiences with you.

After lunch, we head to the recording studio where you can try dubbing some Bollywood dialogue over a film clip. We’ll give you a classic Bollywood line such as: “You don’t know where I come from,” which is all about the underdog’s place in society and triumphing over bad guys, and then you’ll perform it in Hindi to the clip. It’s great fun and you get an idea of how hilariously over the top Bollywood can be. If there’s time after the studio, you can visit the Bollywood Museum to see hand-painted movie posters before ending the trip at an old-school theatre, where you’ll watch an excerpt of a Bollywood movie.


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Alfred & Eesha Singh

Eesha Singh was born in Delhi and has a background in business development, marketing and creative strategy. In 2013, Eesha co-founded No Footprints with her husband Harshvardhan, which offers storytelling tours of Mumbai and Delhi that focus on the people, unexplored history and hidden sides of the cities. Eesha is the brains behind The Mumbai Dream, the Bollywood-inspired tour experience.
Harsh and Eesha, No Footprints tours Mumbai and Delhi

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