Set in the Satpura Hills and smaller than other national parks, Bandhavgarh is home to around 60 tigers and therefore has one of the highest tiger densities of any park in the country. Although never guaranteed, this is one of the best places for tiger spottings. Traverse great rocky hills, deciduous forests, marshes and meadows, and on the lookout you may spot other mammals such as panthers, leopards, sloth bears and sambar deer. The park is closed 01 Jul-15 Oct and Wednesday afternoons.

Bandhavgarh National Park holidays - perfect for...

  • One of the highest population densities of tigers in the country and therefore an increased chance of sightings
  • Located in Central India's beautiful Satpura Hills
  • Thirty seven mammal species, hundreds of bird species and many butterflies
  • When not seeking wildlife you can visit the ancient ruins of Bandhavgarh Fort