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For other destinations and types of holiday, visit Kuoni
For other destinations and types of holiday, visit Kuoni 

Things to do in Kenya

Visit the Mugie anti-poaching unit

Get licked to death by our adorable bloodhounds, then take part in a fun tracking demonstration…

By Maria Dodds
Consultant and safari guide

Get an inside look at the anti-poaching unit in Mugie Conservancy, where you’ll meet our adorable bloodhound tracker dogs. The dogs have been trained to sniff out poachers since they were puppies and are highly skilled in scent work. Although there isn’t much illegal activity on our conservancy, the dogs are sent all over Kenya on missions and work locally on different projects. While at Mugie, their handlers keep the dogs sharp with daily training. It’s amazing to see the bond between the dogs and the trainers.

Guests can visit the unit and get licked to death by the bloodhounds, who are super friendly and slobbery – they love people. However, when it’s time to train and their harnesses go on, the animals go from being these wriggly, excitable dogs to extremely focused workers. You can take part in a scent tracking demonstration, setting a trail with one of the rangers and then hiding while the dogs track you down. It’s a really fun experience, kids in particular find it thrilling to be hunted by these smart dogs – they’ll always find you.


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Alfred & Maria Dodds

Maria Dodds is a third-generation cattle rancher and an accomplished amateur botanist who’s discovered a number of endemic plant species. In a male-dominated industry, Maria is an effervescent gem in the safari guiding world and has a detailed knowledge of cultural plant use, Kenyan bird species and animal behaviour. Maria is equally comfortable sharing a tequila around the campfire with grandad or joining in with the kids’ mud-fight – or even instigating one!

Maria Dodds, Governors' Mugie House

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