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For other destinations and types of holiday, visit Kuoni 

Things to do in Kenya

Visit Maasai Mara communities

The Maasai people are iconic – no visit to the Mara is complete without meeting these guardians of the Kenyan plains…

By Malcolm Holcroft
Africa Travel Expert for Alfred&

The Maasai people are iconic – known all over the world for their enduring culture, berry-red robes, spear throwing and distinctive dance. They’re as much a part of the Maasai Mara as the African Big Five and sun-blessed savannahs spotted with flat-topped acacia trees. No visit is complete without meeting these guardians of the Kenyan plains. When you stay in the Mara, a chunk of your tourist pounds goes straight back to the Maasai people, the area’s native landowners.

These days, most tented camps and lodges in the Mara employ local Maasai people who’ll guide you on nature walks in conservancies. Experts in the resident animals and flora, their experienced eyes will be able to spot hidden porcupine dens and medicinal shrubs used for generations. They might even pick you a souvenir from the Maasai toothbrush tree. Often, you’ll also get the chance to visit a local village, which will give you a unique, unforgettable glimpse into Maasai life.

The sound of women singing is the first thing you’ll hear when you arrive, accompanied by a traditional dance display. Usually, there’ll be a cultural talk explaining the Maasai way of life, from their history as nomadic pastoralists to what food they eat and how they look after their sacred cattle. The chief may show you around, stopping to watch traditional Maasai beadwork and have a go at fire-making and spear throwing. It’s an immersive, cultural experience like no other.

No doubt you’ll also learn about how the Maasai way of life is slowly evolving. Now, rather than killing lions to become warriors, communities understand the importance of conservation. Tourism has become a vital part of the puzzle in the Mara, with camps and visitors helping to fund schools and health clinics, providing education, jobs and vital healthcare for the Maasai communities. If you have a chance, visit and get involved with your lodge’s community schemes – it’s a great way to give back while you explore Kenya.


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Alfred & Malcolm Holcroft

Malcolm has spent over 25 years exploring the world. His passion for wildlife meant he always wanted to experience a true safari. And where better to do so than in Africa! Trips to Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa have gained him specialist knowledge of the destinations, as well as the incredible wildlife residing there. A couple of standout memories are the tranquility of Ol Pejeta rhino sanctuary and the drama of witnessing a cheetah kill in the Mara.

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