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Track endangered rhinos and pangolins at Okonjima

It’s an amazing experience to walk through the bush at night with a headlamp on, searching for these scaly prehistoric animals….

By Tristan Boehme
Head of Marketing at Okonjima

Track endangered rhinos and pangolins with the help of the AfriCat team and anti-poaching units at Okonjima. You’ll move quietly on foot, getting up close to rhinos as they graze or lie in the shade. It’s an incredible feeling being out in the bush near these magnificent animals, immersed in nature. You’ll get to ask our experts about the species and how they’re protected in our 22,000-hectare reserve.

At Okonjima, we’re also lucky to have a population of ground pangolins, one of the four pangolin species living on the African continent. Pangolins have become a hot topic over the last 15 years as the most highly-trafficked animal in the world. Along with the AfriCat Foundation, we conduct research for conservation purposes, sharing it with other pangolin projects worldwide.

To track the pangolins, we need to head out very early in the morning. You might be woken up at 2 am with a to-go cup of coffee, then you’ll venture into the bush with researchers and the anti-poaching unit. If we’re fortunate enough to locate a pangolin, we observe them from a respectful distance in silence – we don’t want to disturb the animals, which are classed as a vulnerable species.

It’s an amazing experience to walk through the bush at night with a headlamp on, searching for these scaly prehistoric animals. You never know what you might bump into, suddenly, a herd of wildebeest can come crashing through the bush. It’s a real adrenaline rush – spotting a pangolin is just the icing on the cake.

(2 night minimum stay required)


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Alfred & Tristan Boehme

Tristan Boehme grew up on a farm near Etosha, which sparked his love for nature and wildlife. After school, he began a career in tourism and hospitality, working for a rafting company in South Africa and then at various lodges across Namibia. In 1999, Tristan joined Okonjima, where he is now a shareholder and marketing manager. Intensively involved in the AfriCat Foundation, Tristan is passionate about conservation and preserving Okonjima for the next generation to enjoy.
Tristan Boehme, Okonjima Bushcamp and Plains Camp

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