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Safari in a private slice of Hwange National Park

You have that feeling of empty space, few people and animals as far as the eye can see…

By Mark Butcher
Managing Director of Imvelo Safari Lodges

Hwange National Park offers a glimpse into the Africa of old. Its 5,657 square miles still feels wonderfully preserved with that feeling of empty space, few people and animals as far as the eye can see. This sense of exclusivity is powerfully enhanced in the private concession encompassing Bomani Tented Lodge located in the remote south-east part of Hwange. On safari you’ll find extravagant natural beauty; watery pans alive with diverse wildlife from baboons to big cats, plains frequented with predators like prides of lion and packs of African painted dog. Then there’s the record amount of elephant – in the late, dry season nearly 50,000 – so easy to see in the flat open grassland. For close encounters, you can often spy these fascinating creatures from behind our two water-level photography blinds we installed right by the very active Stophie’s Pan.

Off-roading in the national park is forbidden, but in the private concession, our guests can veer off track and follow game on foot. The guides here are some of the best in the continent due to the many years it takes them to simply acquire a walking safari license. Those who have ever experienced animal-spotting on foot will know that these types of safaris can be the most thrilling. You can tread silently up to a Cape buffalo, so closely you’ll be in awe of the sheer size of its torso, and observe a waterhole during the dry season when animals appear from all directions, like traffic, to lap the dwindling water. The smaller wildlife is equally inspiring like the cute looking dwarf mongoose that in their packs can even take down a cobra. Night time brings a whole new dimension. Using the gentle beam of red torchlight you might spot the shy-natured aardvark or the holy grail of safari animals that is the leopard stalking its prey at night. You’re a long way from civilization but that’s what makes it so exciting.


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Alfred & Mark Butcher

Mark Butcher is an eco-tourism professional with a passion for linking local communities directly to wildlife conservation. In the 80s, he was a ranger for the Zimbabwe Department of National Parks and Wildlife and later, the Provincial Wildlife Officer in the Matabeleland North Province adjacent to Hwange National Park. Mark is now the Managing Director of Imvelo Safari Lodges, a selection of properties that directly benefit disenfranchised communities around Hwange.

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