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For other destinations and types of holiday, visit Kuoni
For other destinations and types of holiday, visit Kuoni 

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Explore Santa Maria village from Machangulo Beach Lodge

This is the village I was born in and a great opportunity to gain insight into local life…

By Sifisso Hobjane
Guest Relations Manager

Our guided tour to the small village of Santa Maria is a great opportunity for guests to gain an insight into local life. This is the village I was born in, so I enjoy taking people here.

On the way there we take time to explore a mangrove swamp, which is a completely different environment to the one guests see at the lodge. At high tide we’re able to pull the boat straight in; at low tide you get a free mud bath. The mangroves are vital to the village because of the water purification function they perform. On another excursion we offer mangrove kayaking. The kayaks follow a snaking river and you can see pelicans, flamingos, kingfishers and many other birds.

It’s interesting to see how the village has changed over the past decade or so. Life was a lot harder before tourism – people mainly got by with fishing. As children we used to have to go to Maputo City to continue our education; now there’s a secondary school as well as primary school. We visit a small market that sells fruit and warm bread and I take guests to the hospital, where we chat to a nurse, and the school – where we meet the children and a teacher.

We have lunch at Bemugi’s Place, a relaxed beach restaurant where you sit at tables with the sand under your feet. As a part of Machangulu’s involvement with the community we offer free Santa Maria tours to all of our guests as a way of supporting the local businesses.


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Alfred & Sifisso Hobjane

From a very young age Sifisso wanted to learn English. Self taught, and determined to work in hospitality, he listened to English music, watched English films and learned vocabulary by using a dictionary to translate from Portuguese, which he learnt at school. At Machangulo he has worked his way up to a managerial position. He loves his job, but also enjoys going back to his village to see his family and children.

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Your journey will start with one of our UK team – someone like Adele, who knows Mozambique well. They’ll shape your ideas into the trip of a lifetime. But they won't do it alone. They'll draw on the expertise of our contacts on the ground, connecting you to the people who'll make your holiday one you'll always remember - people that can direct you to the best locations to spot dugongs, turtles and angelfish; who'll take you to their village so you'll get a real insight into local culture; and who'll invite you to join them for a spot of sandboarding.

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