What is the cost of the Kuoni deposit?
When is my balance payment due?
How can I pay?
Do you make a charge for payments made by Credit card?
Payments I have made on my booking are not showing on my holiday confirmation. How can I check they have been received?
Can I ask family and friends to pay money towards my holiday as a wedding present or a gift?
Airline information
How do I find out my airline locator?
Which airport terminal do I depart from?
What is the flying time to my destination?
How can I arrange assistance at the airport or on my flight?
What is my baggage allowance?
Will my baggage allowance be the same on internal flights within my destination?
Will there be any restrictions on my hand baggage?
How do I reserve a specific seat on my flight?
How can I book a seat with extra legroom?
Can I make a meal request on my flight?
What is the difference between a Direct and a non-stop flight?
I am travelling on my honeymoon, what name should I travel in?
What does Out of Date Range flights mean?
I am getting married overseas and taking my wedding dress with me. Can I take this on the flight with me?
My flight details have changed since I booked my holiday, why is this?
How do I arrange a cot on my flight for my baby?
Can I make a meal request on my flight or at my hotel?
Can I pre-book my seats?
Hotel information
How can I book a room for an early arrival or late departure?
Can I make a meal request at my hotel?
Can I request a particular room number or location of room at my hotel?
What meal plan is my hotel booked on?
How can I check the facilities that my hotel offers?
Can I make a meal request on my flight or at my hotel?
Can I request a particular room number or location of room at my hotel?
How can I book a room for an early arrival or late departure?
Gift cards and lists
How can I purchase Kuoni Gift Cards?
What is a Kuoni Gift List?
I’d like to correct or amend my gift list title and or message?
How much contribution have I received so far?
When is the closing date or can I extend the closing date?
I’ve forgotten my password?
When can I expect my payment?
How will my payment be made?
I need to change my address
I’ve made a contribution but not received any confirmation?
What can I include in my personal message?
What do I receive once I’ve set up a gift list online?
How can I order more gift list cards?
Do I have to have a booking with Kuoni to open up a gift list?
Can I open a Kuoni Gift List if I have booked with a Travel Agent?
Name changes, amendments and cancellations
Can I make changes to my holiday once it is booked?
I am now unable to travel on my holiday, is it possible to change the name on my booking to another person?
If I have to cancel my booking what would the costs be?
If I have to cancel my booking how do I need to inform Kuoni?
How will I know if my booking has been cancelled?
Post-holiday queries and complaints

We hope you have had a fantastic Kuoni holiday. If, however, you have any queries or complaints, please get in touch with the Kuoni Personal Travel Expert who made your booking or the Kuoni store direct. This allows one contact/team to deal with your query from start to finish.

If you have made a complaint, we will look into the issue and reply to you within 28 days, as laid down by the ABTA tour operator code of conduct.

If you have booked through a travel agent, please email and we will be happy to help.

Weather, visas & vaccinations
What will the temperature, sunshine hours and rainfall be for my holiday destination?
Do I need a visa for the destination that I am travelling to?
What vaccinations will I need for my holiday destination?
Kuoni Plus offers
How will I know if a Kuoni Plus Offer applies to my holiday?
Is a Kuoni Plus offer guaranteed?
What Wedding Anniversaries are covered in the Kuoni Plus offers?
Your holiday documents
When will I receive my invoice?
Can you email me a copy of my invoice?
My name has been spelt incorrectly on my invoice, what do I do?
Will I receive a reminder when my balance payment is due?
When will I received my holiday tickets and itinerary?
Can my holiday documents be emailed to me rather than posted?
Do I need vouchers for my transfers or hotels?
How do I order additional luggage tags or itinerary booklets?
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