South East Asia

At a glance

  • Beautiful tropical beaches
  • Vibrant and exciting cities
  • Unique wildlife of Borneo

Regions in South East Asia

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  • Explore the waters beyond exquisite beaches
  • Visit the ancient temples of the north
  • Savour the unique flavours of Thai cuisine

The land of a thousand smiles, Thailand boasts an enchanting combination of some of the world’s finest beaches, awe-inspiring landscapes and a fabulou...

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  • Bali's golden sands
  • temples and lush interior
  • Lombok's quieter beaches
  • The Komodo dragon

Indonesia offers a wonderful blend of culture and scenery, appealing to sunseekers and bargain hunters as well as adventurers. From the beaches and be...

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From the ever-expanding metropolis of Kuala Lumpur to rural villages and tea plantations, out-of-this-world beaches and tropical rainforests teeming w...

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  • Stroll along the famous Orchard Road
  • Wander through the exotic Botanic Gardens
  • Visit Sentosa Island

A bewitching blend of east and west, and a melting pot of Malay, European and Chinese cultures, Singapore is a popular holiday destination and a fanta...

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  • Unique natural wonders including Halong Bay
  • Absorbing history and culture
  • Picturesque beaches and superb hotels

Vietnam’s cities and towns offer a spectrum of contrasting delights from French-colonial houses to Chinese temples; chaotic markets to designer boutiq...

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  • Magnificent Temples of Angkor
  • French colonial charm
  • Laid-back beaches

After years off limits to all but the most intrepid travellers, today Cambodia welcomes visitors with open arms. This enchanting land is home to ancie...

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  • Visit the beautiful rice terraces in Banaue
  • Relax on the white sands of Boracay
  • See the Tarsier monkeys in Bohol

Take the leap to the other side of the South China Sea and you certainly won’t be disappointed. An extraordinary archipelago of over 7000 islands – ma...

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  • Lush emerald landscapes and forested mountains
  • Friendly
  • laid back villages
  • French colonial architecture

Laos is poetically known as 'the land of a million elephants' and one of south-east Asia's most enchanting countries; eye-wateringly beautiful and boa...

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A diversity of regional influences along with a century of imperial colonialism has shaped Burma into a cultural destination that will capture the hea...

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