Uncover enthralling wildlife on a Latin America adventure

Offering some of the world’s most exciting wildlife experiences in lesser-visited territories, this is the land of the adventurous wildlife holiday. With glaciers, jungle, deserts and an extraordinary archipelago, Latin America’s landscapes will truly spoil you.

Costa Rica is a naturalist’s paradise, rich in flora and fauna. Its national parks provide habitat to jaguars, monkeys, sloths, toucans, frogs and crocodiles . . . not to mention turtles. The Highlights of Costa Rica tour spends 10 nights showcasing the country’s highlights and includes two days in Tortuguero National Park discovering its wildlife by boat and on foot, as well as a walk in  Santa Elena cloud forest reserve, home to the elusive (and, admittedly, rarely seen) jaguar.

The Galapagos’ reputation for wildlife precedes it, with tales of a land lost in time, of Darwin, limitless natural wealth, giant tortoises and creatures with a nonchalant attitude towards humans. M/V Santa Cruz offers four or five night cruises to visit these incredible islands, accompanied by superbly knowledgeable naturalists.

If you’re looking for a holiday that gives something back, consider the Amazon Riverboat exploration aboard the Ayapua. You’ll have the opportunity to explore remote areas otherwise inaccessible to tourists, whilst also assisting biologists with research that will benefit the environment, including conducting surveys of pink river dolphins, monkeys and birds.

One of the last remaining wildernesses, Antarctica really is an experience like no other and the wildlife viewing here – spotting whales, penguins, sealions and sea birds– can be exceptional. Antarctica XXI sails from King George Island in the Southern Shetland Islands on an expedition to incredibly remote areas.