This is the Hawaiian trip of dreams: you’ll visit all four of the state’s main islands. Enjoy the beachfront vibes of lively Waikiki in Oahu, step into the Jurassic Park landscapes of Kauai, see Hawaii’s active volcanoes and go from valley to beach in Maui. We also have shorter two- and three-island itineraries.


Suggested route & duration

12 nights Oahu to Maui
• Oahu: 3 nights

• Kauai: 3 nights
• Island of Hawaii: 3 nights 
• Maui: 3 nights

About this independent tour

Why you’ll love this itinerary

• Explore each of the state’s main islands and discover their unique landscapes and atmospheres

• Soak up surf culture in vibrant Waikiki

• Hike trails in Volcanoes National Park or take a boat trip from Hilo and watch the island grow as lava flows into the ocean

• Relax Hawaiian-style on sophisticated Maui

When to go

• Hawaii has mild weather all year with average temperatures hovering around 26 degrees

• The dry season is from April to October and the rainy season is between November and March

• Summers can get very hot and, although rare, tropical storms or hurricanes may sweep through the region

• The biggest waves can be seen off the north shore of all the islands during the winter; the sea is calmest between May and September

Suggested self-drive details

Recommended highlights

Pearl Harbor

Learn about Hawaii’s Second World War history at the memorial sites of Oahu’s Pearl Harbor

Beachfront retreat

Enjoy the hideaway vibes at Ko’a Kea Hotel & Resort, one of our favourite Hawaii resorts

Lava flows

Feel the heat as you watch the continuous eruption of the volcano, Kīlauea

Volcano sunrise

Drive up to the peak of the Haleakala, a shield volcano in Maui, for an unrivalled island sunrise

Tailor your tour

Make it your own

We’ve crafted this itinerary based on our own experiences and our customers’ feedback. It’s fully flexible, so talk to us and we can create your perfect trip.

Where to stay

We’ve included hotels that give you a bit of local flavour, from the retro Waikiki vibes at Queen Kapiolani to the boutique charm of The Plantation Inn in Maui. There are plenty of other accommodation options, especially if you want a luxury experience (p56).

Unique experiences
Wherever you are in Hawaii, we recommend trying the famous Hawaiian shave ice enhanced with local flavours such as guava, pineapple or coconut.

If you like coffee, head to Kona on the Island of Hawaii and try a cup of the region’s highly regarded brew.

How long

However many islands you choose to visit, you should spend a minimum of three nights on each. Maui, Kauai and the Island of Hawaii’s resort-style accommodation are the perfect place to relax so you could consider at least a night or two more on each island.

Another stop

A trip to this far-flung spot in the Pacific requires a stop in North America. While you can just catch a connecting onward flight, it’s better to break up your journey with a couple of nights in one of Hawaii’s gateway cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver or even Boston.