Explore the great outdoors in Vermont and Maine, two of the USA’s most picturesque and tranquil states.

Vermont is known as the ‘Green Mountain State’ and is an ideal destination if you’re looking for a quiet retreat in the heart of New England. The state is the leading producer of maple syrup in the USA, and made nearly 2 million gallons in 2017 — here you can also enjoy excellent scenery and opportunities for hiking. Maine is the easternmost state in the USA and the largest in New England; it's famous for its Appalachian Mountain trails, moose tours, rocky coastline and lots of different-sized offshore islands, as well as the beautiful Acadia National Park, home to 57 miles of carless Rockefeller Carriage Roads which include 17 stone bridges.

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Cities that never sleep, wide open roads and awe-inspiring natural wonders; these are backdrops that constantly grace the big screen but nothing can beat seeing them for yourself.

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