Download our travel Zoom backgrounds for a virtual vacation

Download our travel Zoom backgrounds for a virtual vacation

With travel and adventure currently on pause, there’s been a spike in online searches for travel-themed backgrounds for video calls. We’ve collated a collection of images and videos of our most popular destinations so you can virtually travel the world from the comfort of your home.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been spending a lot more time on Zoom calls recently. Whether it’s for work or to catch up with family and friends, the video calling platform has become the norm for many people.

What’s great about these video calls is that you can change the virtual background. So, if you’re bored of people looking at your kitchen or living room, you can change things up a bit by uploading an image or video as your background.

At Kuoni, we started hearing that people were using our destination images as their Zoom backgrounds and so we thought we’d collate a collection of images and videos for you that are easily downloadable.

Bangkok Skyline

Our collection includes a cityscape from Bangkok, a lake view in Canada, a dramatic waterfall in Mauritius and a picture-perfect beach in the Caribbean as well as many more. There are also two special video backgrounds included.

How to upload a Zoom background

Once you’ve downloaded the backgrounds, follow these simple steps:

1. Download the Zoom app for Mac or Windows
2. Open the app and sign in
3. In the upper right corner, click your profile picture and then click on ‘Settings’
4. In the left menu, click ‘Virtual Background’ (if you don’t see this, log in to the Zoom website, go to ‘Settings’ and toggle on ‘Virtual Background’)
5. In the ‘Virtual Background’ menu, click the (+) icon
6. Select and upload your chosen background
7. For best results, make sure you have a plain background behind you such as a wall.

We were also curious to find out which destinations and landscapes were the most popular for virtual backgrounds, so we delved into the search data to find out which had seen the highest increase in searches.

When it comes to destinations, the white sands and crystal-clear seas of the Caribbean are clearly still a draw – searches for Zoom backgrounds of the Caribbean are up 9,900%, making it the most popular virtual destination. The data shows that long-haul destinations are the favourites, with only Sweden making it into the top 5 from Europe.

 Most popular zoom background destinations
1 Caribbean +9900%
2 =Maldives +9800%
2 =Australia+9800%
3 =Vietnam +9700%
3 =New Zealand +9700%
3 =Sweden +9700%
4 Philippines +8800%
5 =Canada +8500%
5 =Brazil +8500%
6 USA +8100%
7 Ireland +7200%
8 India +6500%
9 Portugal +5000%
10 Spain +4900%

When looking at holiday types, such as dramatic mountain scenes or serene waterfalls, it’s safari backdrops that are currently the most popular. Safari backgrounds have seen a 9,900% increase in searches, with mountains and cityscapes following on our top 10 list.

Elephant in Africa

 Most popular zoom background landscapes
1 Safari +9900%
2 Mountain +9800%
3 Cityscape +8100%
4 Beach +7800%
5 Waterfall +6,600%
6 Sea +6400%
7 Rainforest +5000%
8 Field +4000%
9 Desert +3200%
10 Lake +1500%


If virtually transporting yourself to one of our backdrop destinations has inspired you to browse for holidays to come, visit our 2021 Holidays page to see what your future travel plans could hold.