Thai. English is widely spoken at beach resorts.

Passport and Visas:

• We recommend that the expiry date of your UK or Irish passport is at least six months later than your anticipated arrival date back in the UK.
• You only need a visa if you’re staying longer than 30 days (29 nights), and you can get one from the Thai Embassy.

Events & Festivals:

Makha Pucha
The spiritual aim of this day is to do good and purify one's mind, and many Buddhists go to their temple to perform merit-making activities.

Samui Regatta
This week-long event is a thrilling sailing race around Koh Samui.

Fisherman's Village Festival
This colourful five-day festival features music, dance and delicious food.

Koh Samui Music Festival
This is Thailand's largest music festival and one of the biggest in southeast Asia. Listen to music including rock, reggae and indie.

Good to know:

Dialling code
+66 77

Theravada Buddhism. Minority religions include Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and Sikhism.

• Thais revere their royal family, so never express disregard for it.
• Outward expressions of anger are regarded as crude and boorish.
• Each Buddha image - large or small, ruined or not - is considered sacred. Never climb onto one to take a photograph or do anything that might show lack of respect.
• Public displays of affection between couples are frowned upon. Westernised Thai couples may hold hands but that’s as far as it goes in polite society.
• It is considered rude to point your foot at a person or object.


Tip porters and hotel staff if you’re happy with their service. If a service charge isn’t added to your restaurant bill, tip 10-15%.