Venture through verdant forests in search of chimpanzees

In Rwanda, the majority of the chimpanzee population can be found within the mountainous rainforests of Nyungwe Forest National Park. Home to approx. 400-500 chimpanzees, this beautiful montane forest is not only rich with diverse flora and fauna, but is also host to 12 other species of primate including the unmistakable Colobus and L’Hoest monkeys.  

Chimpanzees are extremely mobile and unpredictable primates, so chimp tracking is often fast-paced. Sightings are usually sporadic, so expert trackers will often be sent ahead of your trekking group to trace them. In a small group, you’ll join a ranger to try and locate a troop of chimpanzees in the dense forest – the average tracking time is normally about two hours but this can depend on the location and movement of the chimps that day. Expect to hear the chimps before you see them – loud piercing screams and recognisable pant-hoots will likely forewarn of the chimps’ imminent arrival. Spending time with the chimpanzees, you’ll enjoy the enchanting sights of them dwelling in their natural environment, perhaps grooming, feeding, playing or even swinging in the vines above. 

Sadly chimpanzees are an endangered species and in Nyungwe they are mostly unhabituated. Therefore to minimize the impact of your presence, you’ll only have an hour to spend in their company. The park also requires visitors to purchase a permit before arrival. As there are only a limited number available a day, we highly recommend you buy these at least six months in advance of your trip.

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