Where will the journey lead?

Kuoni Brand Report as a feuilleton

On 22 March 2011, Kuoni released its 2010 Annual Report, appearing this time in the form of a daily newspaper. The Brand Report took on the function of a feuilleton, as an independent features section within the publication. It stems from the third Kuoni Getaway Council in Venice and offers a captivating compilation of texts on tourism. Renowned authors, essayists and scholars such as Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Orhan Pamuk, Thomas Steinfeld, Wolfgang Scheppe and Simonetta Carbonaro are represented with contributions.

As in past years, the Kuoni Annual Report for 2010 has been published in three parts: the Financial Report, Market Report and Brand Report. The latter provides insights into the core values of the company and its brand, as well as Kuoni’s exploration of the fundamental principles and possibilities of tourism.

The point of departure for this year’s Brand Report was the third Getaway Council held in November 2010 in Venice. Here, travellers and thinkers joined discussions about tourism and helped lay the foundations for a comprehensive and in-depth consideration on the industry.

The interim result of this discursive debate is now reflected in the Brand Report with more than two dozen articles. The format of the feuilleton offered itself for the presentation of this conversation, with the understated newspaper design setting the tone in favour of more effective communication.

Remo Masala, Chief Branding & Marketing Officer of the Kuoni Group, metaphorically characterises the result as a “quarry of new ideas”. “The Getaway Council in Venice helps envision the future of travel; it should assist us in recognising our own situation in order to shape the travels of tomorrow; it is a project for the future”, he said. “And when, at the end, we assemble aphoristic insights on a poster, this activity reflects our aims: to understand the world of travel, as deeply as possible, as playfully as necessary. Only in this way, I am convinced, can we grasp today where this journey is headed. “

The Brand Report does not seek to formulate a final definitive theory on travel for the 21st century, but instead invites the public to engage in an open dialogue on the future of travel at the website www.the-detourist-100.org.

Further information on the Kuoni Group is available at www.kuoni-group.com – as well as via our official Kuoni Group social media channels:

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Kuoni set up the Getaway Council in 2008 to host regular exchanges of ideas between futurologists, opinion leaders from business and academia, as well as outstanding figures from the worlds of fashion, lifestyle, art and culture. The aim is to understand the new desires and needs of the modern age and explore the latest cultural and social trends; in other words to capture the zeitgeist and use the insights that are gained along the way to develop new ways of thinking about the world.

The first Getaway Council convened in 2008 in Zurich with protagonists from the fields of
fashion, pop culture and music. The event was devoted to the topic of “new luxury”. In the following year, the Getaway Council moved to London and took up position within the context of contemporary art at the Serpentine Gallery. The aim was to be so experimental and progressive that even the most extreme possibilities of travel would become discernible.
For the year 2010, we elected to establish intellectual and literary conditions to get down to the roots of tourism and to explore its inherent potential. The outcome is available on www.the-detourist-100.org and in Kuoni’s Brand Report 2010.


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