Would appreciate any recommendations for honeymoon hotels with Europe - beach!

We would recommend Sardinia for spectacular beaches in Europe and specifically the Abi D'oru Resort.

Regarding Reunion Jeep Safari, is this a day trip from Mauritius or do you have to stay on the island itself ?

La Reunion is a 45 minute flight from Mauritius so although a day trip would be possible, we would certainly recommend to stay on the island to get the most out of it.

What is the best time of year for Mauritius, would you recommend travelling in January?

January is summertime in Mauritius so the temperatures would be hotter but it can get more rainfall. Mauritius also has a micro climate so it can depend which part of the island you are on as to how the weather will be but on the whole. The months of September - November generally get very good weather, especially on the West Coast.

This page on climate is useful to help you decide when best to travel to Mauritius


Do you have any knowledge of historic Japanese cars? I have a particular interest in visits to historic Japanese car museums, like a Honda or Toyota museum

We love to plan your holidays to incorporate any of your special interests and add that sparkle for you. We have two options you could consider :

Option 1 - Honda automobile Museum collection = This is at the Motegi race track which is located in a rather isolated and not well connected part of Japan - It is feasible to do a day excursion here by private car - it’s around 2.5 hours’ drive from downtown Tokyo.

Option 2 - Toyota Automobile Museum = this is on the outskirts of Nagoya (Japan's 3rd largest city) - this means that Nagoya is well connected to Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka by bullet train and we can even source hotel accommodation in Nagoya itself for a couple of nights, which has a lot to offer in its own right as this city has a population of 9 million people. The Toyota museum is just 40 minutes from downtown.

We are due to go to Mauritius in April, this is a rebooking from 2020, wondering about the need to rebook again?

We are contacting clients around three weeks prior to departure. If it is not possible to travel in April 2021 then we can most certainly look at rebooking you again.

What is the best time of year to go to the Maldives?

The best time to go to the Maldives is from December to March. Other months should not be ruled out however as the temperatures remain at around 30 degrees year round as it is so close to the equator. The rainfall does tend to be more in the green season of May – October but the showers tend to pass over quite quickly.

Is there much to do in the Maldives other than water activities? we were considering it but thought we might get bored, I know it’s beautiful

Most of the activities in the Maldives are water based – snorkelling, water sports and boat excursions, but choosing a larger island often means a great choice of restaurants, bars and even activities such as tennis and golf. If you are looking for more adventurous activities such as trekking, visiting national parks and sightseeing, we would recommend other Indian Ocean destinations such as the Seychelles or Mauritius.

Looking for recommendations for March / April 2022 and September months. Hot weather but also the chance to see something?

We would recommend the Far East such as Thailand or Vietnam for March and April if you want a mixture of sightseeing and beach. For September, we would recommend Bali which gets great weather at this time of year.

Looking to arrange a very special trip to Africa for my 50th in early 2023, wildlife experience a must! Would love some help to get the most from it

For this time of year, we would recommend a South African safari such as Kruger National Park for two to three nights. Tanzania is also a great option if you want to explore and see wildlife against many varying backdrops such as Serengeti National Park and Ngoro Crater, these trips tend to be around seven nights. You can twin South Africa with Cape Town and the garden route or even Mauritius. And Tanzania can be twinned with Zanzibar if you want some beach time to relax after your wildlife adventure.

Would Niyama private Island be enough to keep an 11 year old entertained?

Absolutely Niyama is a great option for families. They have Surf shacks, Gadget and games rooms and lounges, kids clubs , marine biology labs, water sports activities and wifi throughout (we know this is important for older children)  

Are there many insects in the Maldives, especially when eating at night?

The islands consistently monitor and manage insects on the islands, often with non-intrusive and non-disruptive actions that keep insects to a minimum. Please note that during the months of June – September when humidity levels rise there are more insects than at other times of year.

When is the best value time to go on orient express? and what route?

The Orient Express from London – Venice is seasonal and the most cost effective time to travel would be at the start or the end of season, so April or November.

We are hoping to book the Maldives for April 2022 but unsure which hotel to choose?

For a larger island with more to do, we would recommend Kuramathi. For a smaller, more boutique island, we would recommend Maafushivaru or Kandolhu. Please do call our experts on 0800 056 0517 we know every holiday we tailor-make is so individual to that customer and their requirements, we would love to talk about this more in-depth with you

Is there someone I can contact regarding a return trip to Palm Island in the Grenadines please?

Of course, please call us on 0800 056 0517 and we would love to help you plan your return back to Palm Island

I want to go to the Maldives next year and would like to speak to someone about this not tonight but contacted afterwards is this possible ?

Of course, please call us on 0800 056 0517 and we would love to help you plan your trip to the Maldives

Will there be any information about China and Japan tonight?

Yes Japan is covered tonight, China isn’t but please contact us if you would like more info on China

Do Kuoni go to Palm Island?

Yes we do offer holidays to Palm Island in Grenadines 

Dominic, which part of Japan did you go to, and which month?

Dominic went to Tokyo and Kyoto in August

St Maarten is one of my favourite places and I would love to return although I don’t think you can fly direct?

You cannot fly directly from the UK, it usually changes in Amsterdam.

Any info on Mauritius yet? 

Please visit our Covid Advice Hub which is constantly updated with information on destinations and entry and return requirements: https://covidtraveladvice.kuoni.co.uk/

Is the language barrier a big problem in Japan?

Most Japanese people can speak a little English language and very polite and happy to assist.

When booking with us, we arrange a Meet and Greet for you on arrival that will talk you through activating your train passes and any other questions or tips to enhance your time in Japan.

Do you no longer go to Australia/New Zealand?

We do still feature Australia and New Zealand but are not accepting bookings until 2022 as we expect their borders to remain closed for the time being.

Where is the best place in the world to go snorkelling - we loved the Maldives but found the barrier reef disappointing?

We could suggest the Great Barrier Reef, Hawaii and maybe a different atoll in the Maldives.

I loved Sri Lanka but was upset by so much rubbish.  Would be great if Kuoni could put pressure on the Tourism Minister and let him know that rubbish affects their tourism income?

Thanks for raising this Alice. Waste management is a big issue for many destinations and, along with our parent company DER Touristik which has an active sustainability division, continue to work closely with destinations on a wide range of topics. It’s not something we have actively lobbied on specifically in Sri Lanka, but we will certainly look into it.   

What hotel would you say is best for kids in Dubai?

We would recommend the Atlantis the Palm or the JA properties.

French Polynesia...….Better than Maldives for Snorkelling?

Both fantastic options for Snorkelling. Maldives is much easier to get to but French Polynesia is a serious bucket list contender ! Also, a wildcard option if you haven’t been before, the Similian Islands in Thailand are a fantastic stay at a beautiful hotel in Khao Lak to visit the Marine National Park.

Can I see this webinar again to see once again the destinations?

Yes Christina, we will add this recording of the event to our website so you can watch again by the end of this week.

Do you think travel in 2021 will be possible? if so what flexibility do you offer please?

We very much hope that travel will open up for the latter part of 2021. We have the Kuoni Flex and Kuoni Flex+ policies which can all be viewed on our website or you can speak to one of our travel experts about these: https://www.kuoni.co.uk/kuoni-flexibility

When is the best time to visit Sri Lanka

The best time to visit Sri Lanka is from December to April.

How much does Kuoni worry about the effect of our tourism on the environment?

Kuoni has been a leader on sustainability for many years and was one of the first tour operators to introduce a supplier code of conduct which ensures that all the partners we work with respect local employment laws and commit to reducing waste and promoting sustainable practices. Along with our parent company we work to support destination-based projects which support local communities benefit from tourism and promotes tourism for good through our charitable DER Touristik Foundation. 

We launched a Stay Beautiful campaign in 2019 with the aim of reducing plastic waste throughout our business, in the UK and overseas, from sending out brochures in compostable bags to removing plastic bottles from our group tours and replacing them with sustainable Water to Go bottles.   It’s a topic many of our staff are passionate about. We know there is more we can do and have set new targets for promoting sustainability throughout our business for the next three years.

What is the best place to pair with Maldives?

Sri Lanka is only a one hour flight from the Maldives. Also, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha twin very nicely for a city stopover, but there are also options such as Thailand and China.

How likely is it that a holiday can take place this year to Santorini in June?

We are hopeful that travel will resume later this year but we are guided by the government and follow this on a rolling basis. Someone will be in touch nearer the time of your departure to let you know if your booking can travel or not.

My question is as we see the vaccinations are amazing here in UK but how do we book for 2022 if to a poorer country and we can't self-isolate i.e. we only have 2 weeks holiday where do we start?

We would not be sending anyone to any destination in which you have to isolate on arrival to the country or back home in the UK. We follow the government advice very closely on a rolling basis. Destinations that we saw travel safely without quarantine in the latter part of 2020 were Europe, the Caribbean and the Maldives.

We really enjoyed your presentations. The Maldives, Orient express and Japan really appealed to us. Do we have to wait until John Lewis is open again before we can book?

All of our travel experts are working from home and you can call them on 0800 056 0517 to discuss your travel plans.

Are you able to let me know hotel favourites in Tuscany please? We are looking for our honeymoon in Sept (hopefully)

If you are looking for countryside, one of our favourite hotels is the Castel Monastero. If you would rather be by the beach, we would recommend the Principe Di Piemonte in Viareggio.

Could you tell me Kuoni’s views on the Covid vaccine and freedom of travel please?

Our focus right now is to play our part in stopping the spread of the virus. The vaccine programme is gaining momentum every day and it’s definitely given us a path out of the crisis. It’s likely that a degree of complexity will remain for travel for the foreseeable future but we are confident that once we are through this latest set of restrictions, we’d hope that travel corridors will return and that will allow travel to start moving again. We recently launched a Covid travel advice hub to support people through the maze of travel restrictions. 

Do you do any Caribbean packages?

Yes we do. Please follow this link to see what we can offer - https://www.kuoni.co.uk/caribbean-and-mexico

Can the cherry blossom in Japan be seen from several places, or one or two predominantly?

During the Cherry Blossom’s there is so many beautiful local gardens in the city and river side in Kyoto – along the Philosophers Walk. The more popular places are the Garden City of Kanazawa.

Our Highlights of Japan tour highlights some of the key areas to see the best of the blossoms.

Are trekking permits numbers limited in Rwanda?

Yes they are – Typically you wouldn’t normally have more than 8 people per trek . No under 16s

8-10(+) months in advance ideally we would recommend you book, we always email beforehand to check they have permits available for the dates we are working around when planning the trip.

For safaris, what clothing would you recommend?

Light layers are always best, windproof jacket or fleece jumpers, comfy shoes. Make sure you have something warm for the evenings when your sharing your tales of the day and animals you spotted with fellow guests over a drink or two by fire pit

In your opinion should we look more to 2022 as opposed to 2021?

It really depends where you are looking to go to and how comfortable you are with travelling. We saw people travel safely to Europe, the Caribbean and the Maldives in the latter part of 2020. If you are looking for other destinations, it might be better to look at 2022 but of course everything is being reviewed in line with the government advice.

India - when are you thinking will be OK to go there again?

We hope that travel to India may resume in the latter part of 2021 or 2022 but of course everything is being reviewed in line with the government advice.

Best place and recommendation for winter sun?

We would recommend the Caribbean and the Maldives. If you are looking for something closer to home then possibly then the Canary Islands or Madeira.

What would be advice on Travelling in India with children past few years we have visited SE Asia

We can think of a few of my colleagues that have done this with under 6’s, advice would be to do private car / driver so that it is at your families pace, similar to what Claire mentioned in the Q/A session. If it is your first visit to India the Golden Triangle is the place most people visit start. Our website has some great suggested itineraries to help you guide how much time you need or one of our experts will help you put it together.

Are there any problems regarding taking a hire car from the USA to Canada and back? Thinking of starting in Seattle then the Canadian Rockies

This is possible Kevin , some car hire companies allow this so if we put this together for you we will only work with ones that can do this for you.

50th wedding anniversary in May 2023? Galapagos and Ecuador?

This would be an incredible trip and a super combination that is quite easy for us to organise for you. How memorable for a 50th wedding anniversary - congratulations on the upcoming milestone. Depending on the wildlife interest you have most we would recommend different itineraries and areas of the Galapagos so be sure to mention this to your travel expert when you get planning this epic holiday.

Is driving in Japan quite easy? Are there signposts in English? Are there satnavs available in English?

We usually include JR passes for clients as includes most of the train network including the bullet train, we do not normally get requests for car rental but we could look into this further when you come to planning a trip to Japan. Road signs are in Japanese and English.

I’m celebrating my 40th Birthday next May and I may possibly be travelling solo. Out of Seychelles, Bali and Maldives which would you recommend?

All are fantastic destinations and have so much to offer in different ways. For pristine beaches and crystal clear waters, both the Seychelles and the Maldives would offer this. Bali would be great if you want a bit of adventure and a completely different culture. You could also twin this with a stopover in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur.

When is the best time to start talking to you about Africa holidays in 2023?

We would recommend that you get in touch around 12-18 months prior to your departure date.

Thank you all so much. Thanks Andy for the Tanzania tip - it's 10 years since I climbed Kilimanjaro and it might be nice to see again, but at a much lower level!!

There are a few different routes and base camps on the Mountain, we could look at all routes for you to get you the level you are most comfortable. We have a team of experts that can help you with this so please get in contact with us if you need any help on 0800 056 0517

Thinking of La Palma in the Canary Islands, good hiking territory?

Yes both Tenerife and La Palma in the Canary Islands are fantastic hiking and guided walking options. We would recommend March / April or Oct / Nov for the more comfortable temperatures and cooler than in the Summer months.

Very good, when’s the next virtual event?

Thanks Mark, our next Virtual event is 17th Feb, it is an interactive Travel Quiz. We also have an Evening with Simon Reeve planned for 3rd March. Look out for details on our events page www.kuoni.co.uk/events


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