Etosha holiday highlights

Located in the north of Namibia, Etosha National Park encompasses the mighty Etosha saltpan which makes up roughly a quarter of the area.

One of the oldest conservation sites in Africa, Etosha used to be the largest in the world. Nowadays it is much smaller, and dominated by the  Etosha Pan. The pan itself is a vast white depression ringed with perennial springs that draw wildlife to this entrancing landscape. When it rains enough to start to fill the pan, the layer of blue-green algae  that grows on it draws flocks of flamingos – a mass of pink birds against the white backdrop.

The park is also home to most of the Big Five, and instead of the missing buffalo you can see the endemic black-faced impala as well as cheetah and endangered black rhino. Its  floodlit waterholes are especially good for game viewing during the  drier months as wildlife is attracted to the water.

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