Essaouira holiday highlights

The town has enjoyed agreat love affair with the film industry having been the setting of Orson Welles’ Othello and Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven. Frequented by the likes of Hendrix and Jefferson Airplane, Essaouira has became a ‘hip’ place to stay.

Today, going through a great revival Essaouira is now home to a number of chic boutique hotels, maison d'hotes and riads, quickly becoming Morocco’s sought after beach destination.

Frequented by photographers, artists, the rich and famous the cooling winds of the Atlantic, its proximity to Marrakech, and the great atmosphere amongst the many medina cafes have helped put Essaouira on the map.

Essaouira key facts

Time difference

GMT +0 hours


Moroccan Dirham

Flying time to destination

4½ hours


Arabic and French. English is widely understood.

Essaouira good to know



Dialling code
+212 47


A 15-18% service charge is usually added to the bill.



Food & drink

• Harina is a delicious a chickpea soup, often with meat, pumpkin, onions and tomatoes.
• A tajine is mutton, veal, chicken or beef stew cooked with potato and lemon and seasoned with herbs and spices.
• Morocco’s most famous dish is couscous perfectly steamed with lamb, chicken or fish, a spicy sauce and potatoes.
• The traditional pastilla is flaky pastry coated with sugar, cinnamon and egg yolk, layered with pigeon or chicken meat. It’s also served as a desert without the meat.
• Moroccan deserts are very sweet, dripping with sugar and/or honey.

• Stick to bottled water for drinking and cleaning your teeth.