Atlas Mountains holiday highlights

With its ochre hues, Taroudant is often referred to as 'the small Marrakech'. Unlike its larger twin, it doesn’t have a Ville Nouvelle (new town). The Berber town is a small treasure set against the backdrop of the High Atlas, a good base for trekking or exploring the western or Anti–Atlas. An hour's drive from Agadir, it makes a good stopover en route to Marrakech or any other Atlas towns and cities.

Atlas Mountains key facts

Time difference

GMT +0 hours


Moroccan Dirham

Flying time to destination

3¾ hours to Marrakech


Arabic and French. English is widely understood.

Atlas Mountains good to know




A 15-18% service charge is usually added to the bill.




Book a session at the nearby Royal, Amelkis or Palmeraie Golf Courses.

Food & drink

• Harina is a delicious a chickpea soup, often with meat, pumpkin, onions and tomatoes.
• A tajine is mutton, veal, chicken or beef stew cooked with potato and lemon and seasoned with herbs and spices.
• Morocco’s most famous dish is couscous perfectly steamed with lamb, chicken or fish, a spicy sauce and potatoes.
• The traditional pastilla is flaky pastry coated with sugar, cinnamon and egg yolk, layered with pigeon or chicken meat. It’s also served as a desert without the meat.
• Moroccan deserts are very sweet, dripping with sugar and/or honey.

Stick to bottled water for drinking and cleaning your teeth.