Eating / Drinking:

•   For breakfast try huevos rancheros (fried egg on a fried tortilla with salsa), huevos a la mexicana (scrambled eggs with salsa), chilaquiles (tortillas in a green tomato sauce with chicken, cheese and cream) or heuvos con machaca (scrambled eggs with dried beef).
•   Sample regional dishes including pozole (a pork soup), Mole (a dark brown sauce served over chicken or turkey), tamales (corn meal stuffed with meat, cheese or vegetable and steamed in corn or banana husks) and menudo (tripe stew).

•   Avoid tap water.
•   Try the national spirit, tequila. Ask for a Margarita cocktail (stronger and less ‘frosty’ than those served in the UK) or a Sangrita - sour orange and pomegranate juice with a shot of tequila.

Good to know:



Tipping is a way of life in Mexico. Hotels and restaurants usually add 15% to the bill. If they don’t, tip 10-15%. Tip porters about 1US$ per suitcase, and also tip hotel maids (further guidance will be given in resort).