Why learning holidays are booming

Why learning holidays are booming

The world is your classroom, so travel and learn…

From sunrise yoga to literary festivals on cruise ships, Kuoni has seen demand grow for people who want to blend their time away with learning a new skill, improve an existing hobby or take part in an experience to broaden their understanding of the world. 

Research commissioned for Kuoni in 2019 revealed that 70% of people believe their reasons for booking a holiday have changed over the years, with almost half (46%) saying this is due to a wider choice of exciting travel opportunities. A desire to experience and learn new skills is increasingly becoming one of the motivations to travel, with 34% of those surveyed citing this as the reason for a change in their booking habits.

Almost 70% have been on at least one holiday as an adult where they had the opportunity to learn something new. And 60% said they had learnt something new on holiday as a child, with more than half believing that their childhood experience had improved their life as an adult. Whether learning to be a gladiator in Rome to seeing hydrothermal activity first hand at the drive in volcano in Saint Lucia, for parents today, selecting a holiday destination that allows their children the opportunity to learn a new skill or understand new cultures is particularly important.

The survey revealed 39% of people said they choose destinations that provide a learning opportunity and a further 29% said that, although they do not currently do this, they definitely would on future trips. Being away from home with a sense of freedom is the main reason 38% said that they did not feel embarrassed to try something new on holiday. The older generation also feels less embarrassed when trying something new on holiday, with only 29% saying that this would be the case vs 44% amongst 18-24 year olds.


As part of Kuoni’s Thailand Explorer tour you can really get hands on and help out on an organic rice farm, transplanting rice seedlings, harvesting or milling rice and even ploughing the paddies with water buffalo.


From Orion to the Plough, stargazing gatherings to observe the night sky’s constellations is on the up. The Canary Islands is one of the best areas in the world for stargazing and the quality of the sky is so clean and clear that it is protected by law.

Marine biology

The eco-centre at Kuramathi Maldives plays a vital role in enriching visits for guests with a true experience of the Maldives. It’s designed to give information about marine life through visual and microscopic presentations.


An expert-led ‘Caribbean Choir’ holiday at Pineapple Beach Club in Antigua is selling out fast. Celebrity vocal coach Mike King will provide two-hour morning coaching classes during this five-day workshop in September 2019.


From dedicated studios in the Maldives to retreats in the Caribbean, there has been a rise in enquiries over the past two years for customers who wish to improve their yoga practice. Kuoni favourite, Galley Bay in Antigua has teamed up with Fat Buddha Yoga founder, Jessica Skye, to create a takeover yoga retreat in 2019.


There’s evidence that board games are back, with a 20% increase in table-top game sales. Reflecting a mood for the ‘real thing’ in gaming, a new chess academy, run by Russian World Champion Anatolij Karpov, will be sharing strategies for beginners and experienced players at the Forte Village Resort, Sardinia.


Following sell-out trips in previous years, we now have a dedicated photgraphy tour; Images of Russia. On this exclusive small group escorted tours, you’ll get the time to hone your photography skills and capture famous sights under the guidance and expertise of award-winning travel photographer, Neil Buchan-Grant.

Floating Torii of Itsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima, Japan

PETER diving

Available for beginners and advanced divers, PETER diving at Faarufushi, Maldives, due to open 16th February is a new kind of diving where the air supply is filtered directly from the surface. This is a great option for dive beginners who are looking to build confidence under water.

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We commissioned the research through Censuswide and surveyed 100 people, with an equal number of males and females. All live in the UK, are over 18 and travel abroad at least once a year. Download the full Worldwide Travel Report 2019 to find out more.