Cosmopolitan pre-safari city and national park

Nairobi is one of Africa's most dynamic cities; a vibrant, sprawling metropolis and a popular starting point for many safari adventures. Explore the colonial sights of the city, relax around a tranquil hotel pool shielded from the world, visit wildlife conservation programmes and even enjoy big game viewing in Nairobi National Park.

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Kuoni Insider

Most people bypass Nairobi on their way to a safari or beach resort which is a shame as it shouldn’t be missed. I had a chance to visit the Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage where they actively rescue orphaned baby elephants and instead of using them as an attraction they simply re-home them in the wild once they're old enough.

The giraffe centre is also well worth a visit and I was even kissed by a giraffe! I also had the opportunity to hand feed them - if the giraffe centre didn’t exist the Rothschild giraffe would actually be extinct.

Pauline O'Neill
Assistant Manager, Metrocentre