Governors' Camp

At a glance

  • Excellent, friendly staff
  • Incredible wildlife-rich location in 'Big Cat Diary' territory
  • Sustainable eco-tourism

Facilities Governors' Camp

Shop*, Wi-Fi

Sustainable features

• Governors’ recognises that local people must benefit directly from tourism, resulting in a 40 year long commitment to local communities delivering genuine social and conservation results.

• Governors’ fund an eye clinic complete with operating rooms to help treat common eye diseases.

• A ‘zero waste’ policy means that all of the camp’s waste is sorted and separated then processed for recycling where possible. A programme has also been initiated to use this recycled paper and cardboard to make briquettes to fuel the hot water systems.

• Governors’ funding for local primary schools includes providing uniforms and paying teachers’ salaries. Funding through secondary school is provided for some of the most gifted pupils.

• Governors’ have helped fund construction of classrooms, libraries, bore holes, water towers and tanks, solar power and water purification facilities in local schools

• Support is provided for the Narok County Council by supplying equipment and personnel to help with maintenance of local roads and the airstrip.
• Governors’ have helped build a new Health Centre at Mara Rianda just outside the Masai Mara National Reserve for their Masai community neighbours.

• Governors’ actively re-plants an average of 45 native trees a month to help replace those lost to natural causes (primarily destructive elephant grazing).

*Denotes local charge