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Steeped in the arts, music and family, Italian culture is heartily reflected in its unique food and wine; it has flourished with recipes passed down from family member to family member for generations. For Italians, food and culture have always gone hand in hand; some would argue that it defines them. The cuisine in Italy lets families and friends bond, as well as bring joy to local neighbourhoods and regions, it’s these relationships that are vital to any Italian dish. It’s also why there are so many food and wine festivals in Italy devoted to tomatoes, seafood, pasta and pizza!

Italian culture is also about making the most of the traditional food on offer and using the local landscape to provide it. This makes a culinary journey around Italy’s regions one of the best ways to really experience this country’s foodie authenticity. As the Italian Experts, we’re happy to guide you when you’re planning your holiday to Italy with our first-hand experiences, tips and tricks, as well as foodie recommendations – right down to our favourite places to eat!

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Going beyond pizza & pasta
Going beyond pizza & pasta

With a wealth of expertise among our Italian Experts, having had multiple first-hand food and wine experiences in Italy itself, we’ve put together these resources within this section to help you explore Italy's culinary heritage and delve deeper into this country’s gastronomical highlights.

To really get under the skin of this destination, as our Travel Experts have, it's important to appreciate that Italy’s food and wine culture has immense regional diversity. Every dish, no matter how simple it is, has its roots in the traditions and history of that particular region. Not only this, it also has a regional wine to pair with it. So if you’re travelling from the north to the south of Italy, you could experience thousands of different dishes across the entire country!

This diversity in Italy’s food and wine showcases the breadth of the country’s regional personalities too, carried on through generations of family members – scribbled on pages or imparted verbally from kitchen to kitchen. These recipes have been kept as sacred by each family and neighbourhood, so they’ve never been diluted – leaving us to explore each individual flavour on our travels...

Our recommended food and wine tours of Italy
Our recommended food and wine tours of Italy

If you’d like something a little more structured but still taking in Italy’s foodie highlights, then don’t hesitate to ask us about our Italy food and wine tours. Indulge in our culinary journeys to Puglia, Sardinia and Sicily to embark on a mouth-watering exploration taking in the multicultural history of each area, sample local dishes and learn about each region’s diverse influences.