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Chennai's Koyambedu Vegetable & Flower Market

Rise early for a visit to Chennai’s vibrant and lively Koyambedu fresh vegetable and flower market and experience a riot of colours as the vendors set up for the day. The market is one of the largest of its kind in India, covering the area of three football pitches. You’ll make your way through the three sections – the flower market, fruit market and vegetable market – and discover how hundreds of tonnes of produce are transported here from numerous nearby villages.


1-3 hours

Pondicherry's French Quarter Walking Tour

Explore the old town of Pondicherry on foot and learn about the city’s architectural styles on this introductory walking tour. With a local guide you’ll wander along streets of Ville Blanch, also known as the ‘White Town’, which have distinctively French names. Witness beautifully-preserved colonial-era villas that have a distictive yellow and pastel colour façades as you make your way along the boulevards, lanes and quiet side streets.


1½-2 hours