Explore the delights of Bangalore, Calcutta and Cochin

It is no surprise that a country of India’s size that there are numerous cities which are well worth making a detour for. From the temple-filled cities of Madurai and Chennai in the spiritual state of Tamil Nadu to Bangalore, which showcases India’s colonial heritage, and the old diamond trading centre of Hyderabad India is offers a wealth of culture and heritage beyond its most famous metropolises.

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  • Home to one of the most striking temples in India, Madurai, the oldest city in Tamil Nadu, is a popular pilgrimage site with a rich cultural heritage
  • Formerly known as Madras, Chennai is known as the ‘Gateway to South India’. Here you can witness a wealth of Hindu temples as well as relics from the days of the British power
  • India’s fastest growing city Bangalore has more recently been dubbed ‘Silicon City’ due to its thriving information technology industry
  • With a blend of Hindu and Islamic heritage and culture, Hyderabad is a truly unique Indian city and here you can witness 400 years of history on the southern bank of the Mosi River
  • The cities of Bangalore, Chennai and Madurai can be visited on our comprehensive tour Southern India Explorer

“India is astonishing, breathtaking, and captivating, often all at the same time. Cities can be frantic, but there are always quiet temples to explore and places to pause for wonderful food. Visiting India is something none of us will, or should, ever forget.” - Simon Reeve

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