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Superlatives quickly exhaust themselves with regards to Mumbai, a city with an astonishing 19 million inhabitants that is India’s most important port and also the centre of the country’s commercial and entertainment industries. Hard to believe it was once a collection of sleepy islands and trading posts, today it is India’s most dynamic and cosmopolitan city.

Mumbai holidays - perfect for...

  • The city is at the heart of India's entertainment industry and is the home of Bollywood. You can discover more about the heritage of India's film industry on a Bollywood-focused tour of the city
  • You can sample the city's culinary heritage, from street food vendors through to world class restaurants - some of India's finest restaurants are located in Mumbai
  • For an authentic Indian experience, sample exotic and often spicy dishes such as Bhel Puri, a masala dish typically sold on the beaches of Mumbai, including Chowpatty Beach on the renowned Marine Drive
  • For night owls Mumbai offers some of the best nightlife in the country with plenty of bars, clubs and live music venues to be discovered
  • Well worth a trip across the bay is the UNESCO-listed Elephant Island which sits in the middle of the city's harbour. See intricately rock-cut temples including that dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva

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India is intoxicating. It’s frenetic in places but gloriously relaxed in others.

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