Discover India multi-centres

The amount of choice in India may seem quite overwhelming – from the copious iconic sights in and around Delhi, Jaipur and Agra to the backwaters and beaches in the south via the vast desert landscapes of Rajasthan and the dramatic vistas in the Himalayan foothills.

There is also the option to cross the border into the mountainous nation of Nepal, which boasts eight out of ten of the Earth’s highest mountains.

New Delhi airport is the gateway to India’s north, with direct flights bound for these exotic Indian lands departing daily. Guests can also fly from the UK directly to Mumbai and, with just one connection, to a host of other Indian destinations. Direct internal flights operate daily between most of the nation’s major cities.

Golden Triangle

The classic 'Golden Triangle' itinerary showcases the country's highlights and is perfect for the first time visitor to India. Travel from the capital Delhi, a city which provides a glimpse of both old and new India, to the delightful palaces of the 'Pink City' of Jaipur via the majestic monument to love, Agra's spectacular Taj Mahal.


As Delhi’s cultural beating heart, the chaos of the ‘Old’ city of Delhi has to be seen to be believed. Its warren of nooks and alleys are a sight in themselves, but the Old city also hosts many key sightseeing highlights.

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Agra will eternally be associated with the alluring Taj Mahal, an exceptional monument to love and one of the finest pieces of architecture in the world. This spellbinding white marble mausoleum is one of India’s most popular attractions.

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Visit Jaipur’s famous Hawa Mahal (Palace of the Winds) early in the morning when its red and pink sandstone facade is soaked in incredible golden sunlight. The City Palace is an exquisite complex of Rajhastani and Mughal architecture also housing a museum and art gallery.

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Beach combinations

The tiny state of Goa lies on India’s west coast and is a hugely popular beach destination offering golden sands, emerald green paddy fields and a wonderfully laid back vibe. The south of India is renowned for its stunning tropical beaches, dense forests and dramatic cliffs.

Beyond India

Wildlife combinations

India's National Parks are epic in size, consistently beautiful and home to a terrific array of magnificent wildlife - including the iconic Bengal tiger.

Culture & City combinations

Combine the delightful choas and sensory assault of India's dynamic cities with its serene temples, resplendent palaces and colourful bazaars. Or venture beyond to neighbouring Nepal to explore its intoxicating capital, Kathmandu.

Countless combinations are possible.

Beyond India
Kathmandu (Nepal)