Amritsar & Chandigargh holiday highlights

Partake in Amritsar's lavish ‘Putting to Bed’ ceremony at the temple, when the holy book of the Sikhs is carried along the bridge to its nightly resting place, and visit the sacred Amrit Saravor (Pool of Nectar) that surrounds this magnificent landmark. While at the temple, visit the intriguing Guru ka Langar, where all visitors are fed a meal of lentil curry and bread. This symbolises the Sikh’s belief of a caste-free egalitarian society.

Reflect at Jallianwala Bagh, the memorial site of the 1919 notorious massacre of hundreds of unarmed demonstrators. Watch the evening ceremony of the guards on the Indian border of Wagah, which attracts many spectators and is a moving reminder of the Partition of 1947.

Known as 'The City Beautiful', Chandigarh is home to some special gardens – the Nek Chand Rock Garden is particularly fascinating. Wander through its 25 acres to find 2000 weird and wonderful artistic sculptures, created using old junk like broken chinaware and bicycle frames. Another highlight is the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Capitol Complex. We recommend taking a tour of this awe-inspiring landmark, designed by renowned architect Le Corbusier.

Amritsar & Chandigargh key facts

Time difference

GMT +5½ hours



Flying time to destination

11 hours to Amritsar (not including stop over time).


Hindi, English and a number of other regional languages

Passport & visas

A visa is needed for travel to India. British passport holders are able to apply for an E-Visa. The E-Visa needs to be applied for online in advance of travel and travellers must possess a machine readable passport. Please call for more information.