Now officially renamed Kolkata, following the independence of India from British rule, Calcutta is the country's second largest city and is renowned as the culture capital. It's also known as the 'city of joy'. Declared as the first capital of British India, Calcutta  is filled with buildings that echo its past, including the grand Victoria Memorial.

Calcutta (Kolkata) holidays - perfect for...

  • See Calcutta's iconic landmark, Howrah Bridge (officially named Rabindra Setu)
  • Visit the Mother Teresa Motherhouse to discover where she lived and where her tomb lies
  • Explore the fascinating history, art and architecture of the Victoria Memorial

“India is astonishing, breathtaking, and captivating, often all at the same time. Cities can be frantic, but there are always quiet temples to explore and places to pause for wonderful food. Visiting India is something none of us will, or should, ever forget.” - Simon Reeve

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