The Kuoni Collection of Luxury Holidays in Hong Kong

Dazzling and vibrant. Energetic, yet graceful. Hong Kong is a melting pot of new and old, East and West, where colonial elegance meets dramatic Asian style, creating a unique experience of the East.

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Flight time (from UK)
  • 11¾ hours
Time difference
  • GMT +8 hours

A myriad of skyscrapers stretch upwards, setting a surreal backdrop to the bustling harbour, where Junks and sampans bob. Traditionally Hong Kong Island has long been associated with designer shops and upmarket restaurants amidst a thriving business district, while Kowloon is better known for its bustling street markets and cultural energy, though each can be found in both areas today. An array of enticing shops and Michelin star restaurants await, including Pierre at Mandarin Oriental.

Throughout the year Hong Kong plays host to a variety of festivals from Chinese New Year in February to the Dragon Boat races in June and Hungry Ghost festival in August. Hong Kong offers so much as a destination in itself, but we recommend combining the electric vibrancy of Hong Kong with a more relaxing stay at a beach resort like Phuket in Thailand or Bali. See page 100-101 for ideas of multidestination holidays.

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